With changes in Municipal policies dealing with our Ice rentals for Regional's 18 we are now required to make full commitment to the ice requirements much earlier than previous years. To enable the Region to do this with reasonable accuracy we do require moving up the commitment date for associations to verify the teams attending. To accomplish this we require the $200 a team non-refundable deposit be received by the region at or by the November 23, 2017 General Meeting.

To facilitate the process the region has created printable invoices for this deposit for each association showing the teams we have on record for the association and extending the deposit. If these are correct please print off a copy and bring it to the meeting complete with a cheque made payable to Western Region (WRRA). If for some reason there is an error or a team is not attending please make and initial the changes to the sheet and adjust the amount of the cheque accordingly.

If you cannot attend the meeting please insure that the document and cheque are either sent to the region (Nancy or Jeanette) or find someone attending to bring. Insure that Nancy is informed, in writing, prior to the meeting.

Note, as this year the Ontario Adult Invitational Cup (OAIC) is running on the same days as Regionals we have not included any 18+ or Master''s teams in the process. If there are teams who would like to attend Regionals'18 they are required to have their $200 deposit for this November meeting.

For adult teams if, for any reason including insufficient teams at your level, there is not an opportunity for your team to participate the deposit will be fully refunded. There are no deposit invoices for adult teams.

Please please follow the Regionals 2018 link below open the association Regional Deposit Invoice in PDF format.

The Western Region G&T page has been updated with a link to the required Provincial Intent form along with the information required to complete the process,

Please note that there are deadlines involved for all teams intending to proceed to the 2018 Provincials
Do not forget to monitor the ORA Website for Membership Notices
These are circulated regularly and contain valuable information as to all aspects of our sport


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