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Ringette players heading to, or already attending University may want to consider the option of playing competitive ringette at University. University Ringette teams operate at several universities in Ontario and across Canada. These teams provide a wonderful option which keeps many players involved in the sport who would otherwise likely hang up the skates during their years of post secondary study. An instant community of friends awaits young women when they join a university ringette team, while embarking on the most important educational journey of their lives. This dimension of the sport, and the retention it represents, is of great importance to the long term viability of Ringette.

University Ringette in Western Region

There are currently 3 University Ringette teams within Western Region:

University Ringette in Ontario

The following Universities fielded Ringette teams or clubs in 2016-2017.

Brock University

Carleton University

University of Guelph

Wilfrid Laurier University

McMaster University

Nippising University

University of Ottawa

Queens University

Trent University

University of Western Ontario

If you are aware of any others for the 2017-2018 season, or notice any broken links please notifty the webmaster.

University Challenge Cup

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The Unversity Challenge Cup is an annual university Ringette championship attracting teams from across Canada. For 2016-17 and 2017-18, the UCC will be hosted by the University of Guelph. The UCC attracts teams from across Canada including many of the teams in Ontario. The UCC is usually held during the week between Christmas and New Years when university players can more easily travel. For more information on the University Challenge Cup and university Ringette in general, please see the Canadian University Ringette Web Site

University Ringette Team Activity

University Ringette teams participate in a variety of Ringette events and activities. Most teams compete in the University Challenge Cup between Christmas and New Years each winter. Several play in 18+ pools in local Ringette Leagues. Many compete in tournaments in various 18+ levels or in dedicated University divisions at some events. Several are also Provincial 18+A. Some practice, some do not, some run a weekly "shinny". The activity level does vary between teams but all know and recognize that studies come first.

Additional Information

Canadian University Ringette Web Site

Starting a University Ringette Team

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