Western Region Tournament Host Selection Process

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Western Region is seeking potential hosts for the 2021 Western Regionals event to be held Thursday April 1, 2021 through Saturday April 3, 2021.

Interested parties are to provide an Expression of Interest to Western Region G&T by Friday February 21st, 2020. This should be in the form of an email from the potential hosting association President.

Please use the application form posted HERE

Applications are to be submitted to Western Region G&T by March 4th, 2020. Applications must include:

1. The signed application

2. A $200 good faith deposit to Western Region.

3. A listing of all facilities planned to be used including ice pads (6-7 per day, for all 3 days), and a space for a coaches meeting the evening prior to the event.

4. A listing of potential accommodations for use for the event including full address and distance to venues.

Please direct any questions to gtwrra@wrra.ca