Western Region Tournament Host Selection Process

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Provincial Host Weighted Criteria% WeightingHost ScoreRO Notes
Total Weight100  
Ice Allocations25 Breakdown as per host/TD guidelines - mandatory - If they cannot provide, it's a zero and no hosting
2 pad + Arenas17  
Sufficient Accommodations20 15 rooms per team - so there must be sufficient hotels (not motels) in the area
Minimal Distance between venues10 10-15km between arenas
Ice markings10 Blue lines must be added for event if not already there.
Onsite meeting space5 Required for S2S - mandatory - if they cannot provdie, it's a zero and not hosting
Experienced Volunteers5  
Social media/marketing5  
Team building events3  
   Wifi is a requirement as part of their provincial host guide - so they must make accommodations to provide or ensure there is sufficient WiFi for S2S and Provincial clothing provider - this is not for Fans.