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Come Try Ringette
Come Try Ringette events are an excellent opportunity for associations to showcase the sport of ringette in their community and encourage athletes to give ringette a try. Through successful Come Try Ringette events, associations have recruited as many as 44 new players to their association in one season!

Current List of Come Try Ringette Events:
(please log on to www.cometryringette.com for full details and to register)

  1. No Events Currently Scheduled in Western Region

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Western Region requires associations to apply for events. To properly promote and plan your event, we do ask that you apply for your event at least 4-6 weeks in advance.

Apply to host a Come Try Ringette Event

Need more information before planning your event? Check out this document to provide you with the core of what you need to know:

So you want to host a Come Try Ringette

Sample CTR Registration Spreadsheet


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Western Region offers a wealth of resources to member associations to help with running Come Try Ringette events:

Event Material Resources:

*All items are subject to availability*

  • How-To Manual
  • Customized Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Large Posters (available in .pdf form)
  • Small Posters (8.5″ x 11″)
  • Kids Activity Books

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Event Items (available for events by booking):

  • Professional display unit
  • Branded tablecloths
  • Giveaway Items for Participants

Come Try Ringette Website ( Visit the site)

  • Provides a centralized location where all events in Ontario are be listed
  • Allows participants to pre-register
  • Allows host associations to have an idea of the # of participants attending their event
  • Provides basic information on the game of Ringette as well as testimonials from participants and parents alike

Western Region Recruitment Team (subject to availability):

  • Made up of experienced female ringette players from Western Region
  • Trained to lead the on-ice portion of Come Try Ringette events
  • Designed to lessen the load on local volunteers and streamline the on-ice program being offered


Our hope is for Western Region Ringette to forge strong partnerships with our local associations that result in additional growth in the sport of ringette as well as strong ringette programs across our province.

Please contact , our Sport Development Coordinator, for more information pertaining to running a Come Try Ringette event or the resources we provide. She can also be reached at 519-497-3463.