Registration 2005

Changes and Important Things to Remember

  1. Do not send proof of age into ORA office. New players/parents fill out "Membership Registration Form" as before, show proof of age to association staff at time of registration and staff signs verification.
  2. The head coach is responsible for the accuracy of the TRF. He/she must review and sign it before it is submitted to the Region, ORA or any tournaments.
  3. Bring two copies of each TRF to the November meeting.
  4. Once you send TRF’s to ORA and the Region, do not make any changes to it except sweater colours and jersey numbers.
  5. No coaching summary form.
  6. Send releases to myself, WRRA Membership Services Coordinator.

Electronic registration

Follow the manual carefully. It is very helpful, especially since many of us forget from one year to the next.

  1. Install the CD (if new to electronic registration), install membership data from diskette then update fees.
  2. Print "All Members Report". Some "new" players may be returning from years ago and may already be in the system.
  3. "Edit All Members" – set returning members (players, officials, coaches and executive) as active. Correct any errors, new addresses, etc.
  4. "Add New Members".
  5. "Active Members Report" – make sure no one was missed.
  6. "Add New Teams".
  7. "Add Members to Team".
  8. Print "Team Registration Form" – verify accuracy.
  9. Set activity for executive and referees.
  10. "Export Data Files to Diskette" Save completed data to two new disks. Keep one and send one to ORA with forms and cheque.

Don’t touch the database again until next year! Any changes or additions must be done manually using the Information Change Form.




Ken Rowe

WRRA Membership Services Coordinator

6 Grandview Avenue

FERGUS, Ontario

N1M 2T8

(Phone: 519-843-3499