Western Region Membership Services Report

Regular General Meeting – September 15, 2005


Player Tryout form must be completed and signed before players can go on the ice.

Out of Region Player Releases – due by November 1, 2005.

Western Region Player Releases – due by November 15, 2005.

Player Release Forms must be completely filled out, and if reason for release is other, please indicate the reason in the designated area of the form.

Important Notices

If a team picks up a player on release for reason of level of play, the receiving team will be forced to finish the season at that level of play (all levels).

Provincial Petite Players cannot be released for level of play.

Bunny Releases

Some people have asked if bunnies or Learn to Skate participants need releases. The executive in previous discussions determined that the ORA does not need a release if the bunnies are not participating in sanctioned play. However, bunnies should play in their home association. If a bunny or LTS program is not available in the home association, the player may go to an area where it’s offered. The home association needs to be made aware of player movement to give them an opportunity to offer a similar program. With this in mind, Western Region requires releases for bunnies. The regular release form should be used but the Membership Services Coordinator will not be sending them into the ORA office. The three consecutive release rule does not apply to bunnies -- they remain property of the home association.

Western Region Arena Audits – due by November 15, 2005.

Arena Audits – Risk Management and Safety Audit Form

All completed WRRA forms can be either mailed or delivered to my home address prior to the outlined due dates. I will also receive completed forms at General WRRA meetings.




Ken Rowe

WRRA Membership Services

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FERGUS, Ontario

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(Phone: 519-843-3499

-Email: memserv@wrra.ca