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Western Region Ringette Association
Marketing Grant

· Grant funds need to be spent on marketing/creating awareness, in an effort to grow the sport in your association's community. These funds are not intended for marketing the sport in areas where there is no ringette association.

· The grant funds can be used for marketing proposals that it could include (But not limited to) bus advertising, radio ads, temporary billboards, printing of flyers distributed at schools for CTR or other local events intended for the purposes of recruiting new members.

· Examples of things that would not be considered appropriate request for funding grants: association banners to be hung at arenas that are part of your association, the marketing needs to be focused on your community outside of the rink.

· WRRA executive will review proposals and decide on appropriate allocation of funds. Executive have right to limit funds, partially award funds or to not award grant funding to any given proposal. Each application for Grant funds will be reviewed based on it's own merit.

· Be sure to include as much information but be brief, for each grant request. The Executive can decide to not request further information, if information is not present in the proposal that may impact the merit of the review and result in a decline for the requested grant funds.

· Focus on "GROWING THE GAME" by recruiting new players into your association!