Thursday, 1999 November 24th

Spruce Lodge, Stratford

  1. Welcome

  2. Co-ordinator Report

Refereeing - Jeff Clark

Rule Change Year!! - 160-180 officials have attended, of which most are Level I hoping to move up to a Level II and in turn the Level II move up to a Level III

Refresher Clinics - 3 held

Rules Clinic - last one in Exeter, Wednesday, December 8th, 7:30 p.m. at South Huron District High School

Discussion in regards to the confusion of the revised $55 fee for the Level I clinic

  1. Challenge Cup Winners - please welcome some of the Western Region All Star Team - Coach, Lucky Clark; Assistant, Doug Miners and Donna Jones

They are sporting their new jackets and they showed us their new away sweaters. We, the Region are the sponsor of this team. Motion to accept the purchase of the Western Region All Star Team away sweaters. Hanover/Stratford - carried

Proposal to subside $30/player Motion Western Region will subside $30/player towards the cost of the team and bench staff jackets. Chatham/St Clements carried

  1. All Star Team

Great group of girls, they work well together, everyone worked 110%, bench staff excellent. The next Challenge Cup will be held at North Bay - mid January, March Break in Sault Ste Marie. Please contact us for ice/monies you may wish to donate. Remember they are working with a budget of $18,000

  1. Roll Call

  2. Minutes of Region Meeting of September 16, 1999

Kitchener/Mt Forest


  1. Business arising from minutes - arena audit forms, please give to Brian Latam

  2. Chairman's Report

Grey/Bruce Reunion a success

Challenge Cup this past weekend, final game 1-0 win for Western Region vs Eastern Region

  1. Treasurer's - Jeanette

Reminder to the associations who still owe their Region dues. They now are $60

  1. Co-ordinator Reports

10.1 Coaching - Betty Ann

Level I - Hanover, Exeter, St Clements and Stratford - thank you for hosting, approximately 110 attending. Level II in Cambridge in November, please hand out the G & T Handbook for Coaches - this is not on the net - each representative at this meeting must copy it and give to each coach in your association. January 8th, 2000 is the deadline for coaching certifications. Can't be stressed enough that the $55 cost is needed to cover expenses.


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10.2 Adult Development - Sandra & Laura

deadline for the Provincials

10.3 Games & Tournaments

collection of your TRF's

Woolwich, Chatham & Stratford to oversee arenas for Regionals 2000

10.4 Membership Services - Brian

Releases were due November 15th - please throw out the old (5 ) part forms and use the new ones - arena audit forms have been 45% received, the rest are now due

10.5 Sport Development - Corey

new assistant - Debbie Shaw - 5 gym sets - information is due to support these new sets - how used, how many girls introduced to using it - before end of January - Player Instructor Clinic should be held again

10.6 Vice Chairman's - Chris & Doug

no report

  1. New Business:

WORL Handbooks - WORL meeting in December

Motion All officials in attendance at a clinic this past fall must pay the Region (new) set fee of $55 instead of the old $40. Betty Ann/Stratford carried

A letter will be sent to your association with a list of referee's who attended and whether they paid $40 or the new $55.

Letter read by Betty Ann from Mike coach of the Chatham Petite team. The Chatham team vs Mississauga team - 2 girls on the Chatham team were accused of being boys. Western region will respond to Southern Region + Mississauga Association + president of ORA.

Petite A & AA - if trying to get in a Petite A tournament - the ORA office wants to know if you are experiencing difficulties.

www.ontario ringette.com

Tillsonburg tournament - January 7-9, 2000

Tara co-ed tournament

Mitchell - Dec 9-12, 1999

Mt Forest - co-ed - January 29-30, 2000

Reminder - at our January 20th meeting bring a $200 non-refundable deposit for each team from your association and if you are registering a bunny team the cost will be $100/team deposit

Provincials $875 also due at the January 20th meeting.