Thursday, September 16th, 1999

Stratford ON, Spruce Lodge

1. Prelims - host will be Chatham - we need a letter of application for our files.

2. Letters received:

Ringette Canada from the Sharpe's

Chatham - e-mail

Guelph Association, President

3. Proposal - Tween - AA play in ON, Quebec and Maritimes

4. Experimental Petite A & AA play together

5. Deb division - no overage players

Intermediate teams can pick-up three (3) A or AA players under the age of 23

6. St Thomas letter: Underage players

Motion - Cheryl Hart, Michelle Titchner and Maria Shearer be granted permission to move up to Intermediate conditional on the fact there is no Deb team available.

Laura/Jeanette - carried

7. Chatham Petite B team - discussion



Thursday, September 16th, 1999

1. Welcome - Tifolium - fundraiser by Fundamotion

2. Roll Call - absent - SWIRL, St Thomas and Tillsonburg

3. Minutes of March 1999 meeting

Kitchener/Hanover - carried

4. Business arising from the minutes.


5. Fill out ORA information form - Contact, Appreciation Award - ORA given out - distributed

6. 2nd Vice-Chairperson

Chris Beuglet - Chatham

Mt Forest/Waterloo - carried

Adult Development

Sandra Woods and Laura Pfauner

Treasurer - Jeanette

Secretary - Wendy

Membership Services - Brian

1st Vice-Chairperson - Doug

Coaching - Betty Ann

Games & Tournament - Ginette & Sheila

President - Mary

7. Correspondence:

Proposal - Tween AA Eastern Canadian Championship (Ontario, Quebec and Maritimes) We need feedback by the middle of October. Ontario is prepared to host if need be.

Proposal - Reclassification of Petite Division at Provincial Level of Play

Community Involvement Project


Summer Gym Ringette - Ice Park, Oshawa

Request for Proposal - Marketing

Goalie face mask

Membership Notices

8. Treasurer's Report

see report, reminder of dues $50 by October 31st, after that date the cost is $60


Page 2

General Meeting Western Region

September 16th, 1999

9. Co-ordinator Reports:

9.1 Coaching - see report

January 8th, 2000 dis the deadline for changes of any kind - no exceptions - coaching summary form's are due by November 15th - next Region meeting will be OK if you don't have a fax machine

$55 Level I - payable to Western Region

$90 Level II - payable to Western Region

Rule change clinic either head coach or assistant must attend. Jeff Clark is the new Officiating Co-ordinator. 642-0564 (fax 672-1304) He needs from each league to give him 2 dates and a location A.S.A.P.

9.2 Adult Development

see report - Intermediate coaches (1) must attend the rule change clinic. Southern Region will host the 1999/2000 Provincials the weekend of April 7-9, 2000 at the "Ice Sports" facility in Etobicoke

9.3 Games & Tournaments

see G & T Handbook for Coaches

Prelims - Chatham Feb 18-20, 2000

Stat's must be received by the 5th of each month, change next meeting November 25th in Stratford, Spruce Lodge

Waterloo - Petite teams to sign up to play exhibition

Regionals 2000 - ice available in Kitchener - we need a host!! You will need 13 people for 3 days to run the arenas (bare minimum) score keepers and timekeepers - executive will help we need an answer if possible by the November 25th meeting.

9.4 Membership Services

see report - Arena audit forms are due to Brian by November 15th - he will accept on the November 25th meeting. Release forms due by November 15th, no exceptions.

9.5 Officiating (Jeff Clark not in attendance)

List of Level I Clinics:

Oct 2nd Kitchener $55

Oct 3rd Waterloo

Oct 16th Meaford

Oct 17th Stratford

Oct 23rd Forest

Oct 24th London

Level I - re-certified - redo clinic

Level II and III:

Oct 23rd London

Oct 24th Waterloo

Refresher $25 - with a minimum age of 13 years of age and over


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Western Region General Meeting

September 16th, 1999

9.6 Sport Development

Newsletter - no report

Gym ringette available from Mary

9.7 1st Vice-Chairman

The All Star team tryouts started August 15th - 40 girls (16 & 17 age girls). The final team is to be announced by Thanksgiving. Challenge Cup is November 19-21 in London & January 14-16 in West Ferris. Ontario Winter Game March 15-19 in Sault Ste Marie. The cost is $1,000-$1200 per girl less monies received from Western Region - the girls need sponsorship!! Any donations of ice are needed for practices - 1 hour preferably 2 hours if to be used as a game.

2nd Vice-Chairman

no report

10. New Business

International ringette pins for $5 - contact Mary to use the board. Good for using at your tournament to promote World Ringette.

A or AA league within Western Region run on weekends - double games - list of all A & AA teams in the region

WORL meeting needed soon - schedule needs to be formed soon - parents of the team have to be willing to travel.

Rep's from each league - five list to Ginette - location in Kitchener October 3rd for the WORL meeting.

Grey-Bruce - 20th Anniversary on October 23rd - dinner/dance $15/person

Novice at provincials - not this year

Referee n' Chief meeting to be held at the next meeting, November 25th along with our regular meeting.





after the General Meeting

September 16th, 1999

1. Guelph letter:

Male allowed to play games may be rougher - caliber higher - all girl teams sometimes don't want to play them - skating abilities much higher - boys control the games - if "A" hockey players coming to play "B & C" - whole teams should be moved up a level to a higher level of play - tournaments should be noted as being female only or female and co-ed.

Result - boys are welcome but check tournaments.

2. Motion - The Region will provide an alternate set of sweaters for the Western Region All Star Team

Jeanette/Wendy - carried