at Arden Park, Stratford ON

Thursday, September 16th, 2004

Present: All Associations

1.0 Welcome

2.0 Roll Call

7.0 Presentation by ASA Sports - Drew Martin

Travel and Accommodations needs, packages for each representative

3.0 Presentation of Awards

Regional Awards:

Coaching: Bill Rodgers, Chatham

Official: John Martin

Defensive Player: Erienne Beuglet, Chatham

Offensive Player: Lindsay Vivian,

Plaque of Recognition: Gary Huegle

Volunteer: Mike Genereaux, London

Sponsor: Exeter Lions Club

Pat Redman Award: Kevin Knight, London

Provincial Award: Waterloo, Sportmanship Award

President: SWIRL, 10th Anniversary Plaque

Provincial Community Builder Award: Mike - Tillsonburg, Wendy Cathrae, Owen Sound

4.0 Membership - Ken

see report

Highlights: Player Try Out Form, Releases due by November 15th, 2004. Arena Audits are due by November 15th. Note: Provincial Petite players cannot be released for level of play.

5.0 Coaching - Mike, Kate

See report.

Highlights: New program not ready to implement this year. Multisport Theory A & B. Trainer - must have first aid training or be a fireman or a nurse. Clinics see web-site for dates being finalized. Exeter, London, Stratford, Hanover and Guelph.


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September 16th, 2004

6.0 Officiating - Bill

No Report.

Clinics: October 2nd Level I Waterloo at Albert MacCormick

October 3rd Level 2-3 Dorchester, Arena, Lions room

October 16th Level I need host - St Thomas

October 17th Level 2-3 Forest

On-line registration. Grey-Bruce, Level I - need minimum of 15 to host this clinic

8.0 Minutes of the March 11 Meeting

St Thomas - Grey-Bruce, carried

9.0 Business arising from the minutes.


10.0 Treasurer Report - Jeanette

See report.

Remember dues are now $60 before October 31st, 2004

11.0 Adult - Sheri

See Report

Highlights: Handbook for Adult team package. In 2006, the Open 'A's will move back to minor Provincials. University level play being promoted.

12.0 Athlete Development - Shelly

See website for copy of report. ORA website see form - training, camps, spring, summer, fall of 2004 - need numbers (for grant purposes) Skills Award Program new sponsor Ringette Store package.

13.0 Elite Development - Luc

WORL A/AA meeting held this past Tuesday evening. Contact names are needed by September 15th. Scheduling information needed ASAP (ice times) e-mail them to Luc. 2005-2006 RAT team by September 30th a letter will be sent out asking for coach application.

14.0 Games & Tournament - Janet & Keith

See G & T Handbook for Coaches package. Conflict - Waterloo cannot fill any B & C teams until Mitchell & Dorchester fill their spaces first. See tournament packages. Matrix in by Wednesday after your tournament - new fax # coming.

REGIONALS 2005 - ice available - 5 pads in Guelph (+ 3 more). March 24-26 (Thursday, good Friday and Saturday) Rates, etc to be finalized and 3 more areas. Use ASA for your room bookings.

15.0 Chairman's Report

Suggestions/Ideas as to how to get the attendance to improve at the Ontario AGM. Volunteer screening package, send in intent to complete. Shot Clock - see Luc. A/AA Provincial teams The use of shot clocks at the B & C regionals - not enough man power to operate and the costs. Lacrosse has shot clocks, if looking for extras. A level at Regionals - look at for 2005


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September 16, 2004

16.0 Goderich - October 23, 24 - B & C, Level N-B

2 lost items

Program Overview


Tillsonburg/St Thomas

Secretary - Wendy

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November 10, 2004