at the Spruce Lodge, Stratford ON

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Regrets: Huron Park League, Tillsonburg

1.0 Welcome

2.0 Roll Call - Wendy

New association representatives leave their name and complete address at end of the meeting.

3.0 AAA Western Regional All Star Team

Coaching Staff introduction: Chuck Belanger, Assistant Coach, RD Branton, Manager, Jodie Mitchell, Assistant Coach, Bill Rodgers, Head Coach. Over 100 players tried out for the team. Each girls received an official Western Region pin to wear on their new jackets. At the London Ringette Tournament in November - Western vs Southern

4.0 Presentation of Awards:

Regional Coach of the Year - Lori Healy

Official of the Year - Erienne Beuglet

Player of the Year, Offensive - Sarah Bryant

Volunteer of the Year - Jeannine VanKessel

Corporate Sponsor - Atchinson Plumbing and Heating, London

Recognition Plaques - Tillsonburg, Elora-Fergus, and Guelph

Pat Redman Award - Susan Harrop

Appreciation Award - ASA

5.0 Presentation by ASA Sports - Drew Martin

Family emergency, see letter

6.0 Minutes of March 3, 2005

Motion to accept the minutes as printed.

Woolwich/Talbot Trail, passed

7.0 Co-ordinator Reports:

Officiating - Bill

No report. Rule Change year. Everyone must register (on the website) and must attend before November 15th. Move to break-out room.


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General Meeting

September 15, 2005

7.0 continued

Coaching - Kate

See report. Registration through website. Payment due to Kate as soon as possible. Contact Kate should you wish to host. NOTE: should you reserve a placement and not show, you will be billed. Move to break-out room.

Membership Services - Ken

See report. Player Tryout must be completed and signed before players can go on the ice. Releases due November 15th, no exceptions. Arena audits due November 15th, will take them at the November 17th meeting. Discussion. Move to break-out room.


Announcements site working well. Submit Presidents, Registrar, Member Services, Coaches, etc.

Site for Regionals 2006 - Elora-Fergus and Guelph

Games & Tournament - Janet

G & T Handbook - ensure that you give them to every coach in your association, also may be accessed from the website. See Report. Adhere to the deadlines - League Statisticians. To be submitted by the 5th of each month, $25 fine will be levied on the 6th.

Athlete Development (Acting) - Glen

See report. Contact Glen with names of interested students willing to be the contact at their University with intention of setting up shinny ringette program. PSIP program (Provincial Skills Instructor Program) train to teach the sport of ringette to your younger players. We are also in need of an Athletic Co-ordinator.

Adult Development - Sheri

See report.

Elite Development - Mary

See report. Challenge Cups - North Bay, Pickering and Timmins. Recommendation from the Executive....Motion that Western Region subsidize the AAA Team, bench staff and players, $35 towards the cost of off-ice uniforms.

Talbot Trail/Forest, passed

Motion to accept the co-ordinator reports. North Waterloo/Waterloo, passed.

8.0 2nd Vice-Chair Report - Glen

No report.

9.0 Treasurer's Report - Jeanette

See report. Year-end report to come.

Motion to accept the treasurer's report. Chatham/Seaforth, passed

10.0 Chairperson Report - Chris

See report. Reminder, we are need of a 1st Vice-Chairperson


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General Meeting

September 15, 2005

11.0 New Business/Announcements:

2 DVD promotional video/shot clocks - one per association or call ORA

Lost and found - blanket and glasses from the Regionals

February 24-26 - St Thomas tournament

1st weekend of February - Seaforth tournament

St Thomas Ringette School was great.

Certificates of Appreciation were distributed.

12.0 Next Meeting - November 17th, 2005

13.0 Adjournment

Talbot Trail/SWIRL, passed

Secretary - Wendy


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November 7, 2005