Thursday, September 14th, 2000

Spruce Lodge, Stratford

  1. Welcome

November Board meeting to discuss Marketing from ORA

  1. Introduction: Director, Mary Kaiser - 1st Vice President, Doug Miners - 2nd vice President, Chris Beuglet - Secretary, Wendy Allen - Treasurer, Jeanette Saint - Coaching, Betty Ann Kerrigan & Assistant, Kerry Box - Officiating, Jeff Clark - Games & tournament, Ginette Kirkconnell & Assistant, Keith Kaiser - Sport Development, Karen Hill - Membership, Brian Latam - Adult Program, Laura Pfanner & Sandra Wood - Elite Development, Luc Lagrainge

  2. Appreciation Awards from ORA - handed out

Association of the Year - Chatham - plaque handed out

Corporate Sponsor - Fanshaw Optimist - London

Community Builder - David Demaree

25th Anniversary Award - London Ringette

New Association is Wiarton - Fred Cathrie to help out where necessary.

  1. Roll Call

  2. Reports - Co-ordinators

5.1 Membership Services - Brian - see report - No releases after November 15th, 2000. Audit form for each arena must be filled out and returned to Brian by November 15th or there will be a $50 fine.

5.2 Officiating - Jeff - Situations that you may need clarification, referee's contact your Referee n' Chief and they will report to Jeff. Clinics will be _____ Case books are $18.50 each. To reach Jeff by e-mail is address is jeffclark1972@hotmail.com (519) 642-0564

5.3 Sports Development - Karen - see report - Marketing proposal, publicity tool kit sent by ORA; gym equipment, National Skills Instructor Clinic on October 28th, Stratford Allman, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., cost $25.00, payable to Western Region. Please bring your marketing ideas to the November 23rd meeting, forward promotional materials - region flyer. Come with your written suggestions.

Doug - in respect to the flyer, please submit your ideas to the executive. The Region is not prepared at this time to set an amount for this promotion. Local publicity, large centres get a professional marketing person to help in this area. Brian Hetherington - Chair of Sports Development. Flyers sent around to various elementary schools to K-8 is a great tool to advertise. Sports Development and Marketing together maybe not the best. Marketing should maybe separate. E.g. team jackets

  1. Minutes of March 9th, 2000 meeting.

Motion - Mt Forest/Kitchener

Motion to accept minutes as printed - carried

  1. Business arising from the minutes - none


Page 2

  1. Chairman's Report

8.1 The Annual General Meeting to be held in April 1st or April 5th, 2001?? We will host our Annual General Meeting on Thursday, April 5th, 2001. Awards will be given in September at that meeting.

8.2 AA Provincials to be held March 11-14 in Whitby

A Provincials to be held March 16-19 in West Ferris

8.3 Regionals 2000 - each year the Regionals are split 50% to the Region and 40% for the Host. The 40% of the net profit: not including sponsorship, program, draws, and souvenirs be divided by the total number of hours worked at the Regionals to arrive at a per hour rate to be credited to each association for the number hours worked. A cheque to be sent.

8.4 RAT Team received $4000 in financial support from Western Region. Some of the other regions have not received the same kind of support as our team.

  1. Treasurer - Jeanette - see report. Tribunal expenses have become very expensive. We need to look at revenue costs. Officiating $200 loss even with the extra $15 per association fee addition. GIC $12,205.20

Motion - St Mary's/Grey-Bruce

To accept the Statement of Revenues and Expenditures for the year ended September 1st, 2000 - carried

  1. Coaching - Betty Ann

see report and qualification chart

TRF & Coaches Summary forms must be the same. Apprentice Coach - A & AA teams age 18 years and older - may assume for only one year. No Prior Coaching Qualification needed. Coach in Training - age 16. All certification by January 8, 2001 - no exceptions!! Concerns with coaching requirements in regards to Deb/Intermediate open division. Level 1 Clinics have a 8:00 a.m. start. Level 2 Clinic - London will have a 9:00 a.m. start. Betty Ann has certification list of everyone who has attended a clinic. Suggested by Joe Lepold, promotion monies could be looked at to cover some costs in regards to coaching certification.

  1. Adult Development - Sandra & Laura

see report. Need a host for the Provincials 2001. International Master Athletic Winter Games - held in Canada - Barrie/Orillia - 15 winter sports at the B/C level, February 2-11, 2001.

  1. Games & Tournament - Ginette

Within our region, Deb level must stay as an OPEN division on your TRF. In our region a transition year, use OPEN D & OPEN I for the 2000-2001 season. Remember when you go outside your region this may not be the case. It was originally for the AA Deb & Intermediate level. Jane suggests take it to the board and see if they will reverse their decision from A - down. ORA decision to affect all levels in local associations. Forward your concerns to ORA President. Check ORA web site for e-mail address. Do it tonight, before Board meeting. jackielajeunesse<fanukt@sympatico.com

Motion Jane/Waterloo

Western Region Associations request that in the best interest of ringette that the ORA Board revisit and repeal the decision to amalgamate the Deb & Intermediate divisions into an open division for A, B, C & Rec. Carried.


Page 3

  1. See report.
  2. Two (2) team player agreements must be signed by the Games & Tournament (Ginette) and must accompany TRF to the ORA office by November 15th - their names must appear on every game sheet.
  3. Minimum 5 games prior to prelims.
  4. Cannot be made up of more than 3 cross signed players.
  5. Submit all provincial teams prior to February 15th.
  6. Game reports by conference statistician to Ginette by the 5th of each month.
  7. Pre-tournament package must be sent in. Prelims will need to be completed by the end of January.
  8. Games & Tournament Handbook for Coaches - please share it - photocopy it pass it to everyone of your coaches. There is a lot of valuable information in this manual.
  9. Deb teams are Kitchener, Waterloo & London

  1. Elite Development - Luc

Unofficial - Belle AAA instead of the Challenge Cups - play mini games in each of the 6 Regions.

  1. Vice-Presidents' - no report

  2. Announcement: Membership application form, dues of $50 before October 31st or after the dues are $60.

  3. NEXT MEETING is Thursday, November 23rd.


Motion Goderich/Meaford

Sports Development - Remember to bring to the next meeting the following:

  1. Your association's marketing ideas
  2. Bring samples of brochures/flyers currently in use
  3. Your association's fund raising methods
  4. What are your goal's wearing for gloves, other than a blocker. Include the manufacturer