Thursday, September 13th, 2001

Stratford - Lodge

1. Welcome - Introduction of Executive, and Co-ordinators

2. The Ringette Store - Tanis Humphreys - started in Calgary and transferred to Stratford, brought the store here. Team prices are available. You can receive more information by going on their web site at ringettestore.com

78 Borden Street, Stratford after hours phone 271-2172

3. Roll Call - Tara & Walkerton absent

4. Ontario Ringette Appreciation Awards from ORA - Mary distributed

Community Builder Awards - Luc, Kate and Jack

Coaching Award - Bob Bryant presented by Betty Ann

Adult Volunteer Award - Janet Lanteigne presented by Mary

Officiating - Amy Crinklaw presented by Jeff

5. Membership Services - Chris

see report

Bunny releases, please note, a release is required to go to another association for the program, the 3rd year of release term doesn't apply.

Retried to the membership services meeting room.

Remember to consider, also, Brian Latam has moved on to the Provincial Chair for Membership Services for ORA. We are looking for a membership services co-ordinator. Chris (2nd Vice-Chair) is acting as the Membership Services Co-ordinator.

6. Minutes of March, 2001 meeting

Motion to accept March 8th, 2001 minutes

Seaforth/Meaford - carried

7. Business arising from the minutes - none

8. Chairman's Report

An exciting year ahead with the induction of the 'A' loop. Stratford hosting the Provincial 'A's. London declares 2002 as Women's & Girl's Sports. London has applied to host the A & AA 2002. Nationals 2003 in Waterloo - approved

9. Treasurer's Report - Jeanette

see report

Change RAT expense $100 to a Region expense, it does not change dollar figures.

Motion - to accept the treasurer's report

Mt Forest/Talbot Trail - carried

Monies outstanding: Elora/Fergus $50, Exeter $450 and London $199.36

Remember your $50 region dues before October 31st.

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September 2001


10. Co-ordinators Report:

10.1 Coaching - Betty Ann

see report

Level I - Stratford on October 20th at Kiwanis, Hanover on November 10th at Coliseum, St Clements TBA and St Thomas on November 24th, Memorial Arena

Level II - Waterloo on November 3 & 4 (2 days) at Albert McCormick?, Bernie Colburn from Ottawa will facilitate.

Pre-pay before clinics - 1 cheque per association and list the participants. For Theory courses, please check London Ringette site and Waterloo University for this course.

10.2 Adult Co-ordinator - no report

10.3 Elite Development - Luc

see report

Coaching staff introduced. Contact Donna Jones or Luc Lagrainge. Note Challenge Cup dates, Ontario Winter Games in Guelph March 7-10, 2002

'A' League Report

see report

Next Meeting on October 9th, 2001 at 7:30 p.m. in Stratford at the Kiwanis Centre. 2 double A Petite teams may play with Tween A. Play in your own league as well as the 'A' loop, therefore could be double playing time. Please note 2nd last paragraph.

Thank you from Lucky - letter coming from Lucky for Board meeting re: Early Challenge Cup. He is looking for tournaments in January/February (Open AA)

10.4 Officiating - Jeff

see report

Remember on November 15th meeting we will have a Referee n' Chief meeting in a break session at the same time as our regular meeting. For clinics, see web site. The cost is $50 and again, 1 cheque per association with a list of names.

10.5 Sport Development

see report

National Skills Instructor course for ages 14 and up, to be held in St Thomas on October 6th. The cost is $35, pre-registration before October 1st. Goalie Clinic, contact Karen

10.6 Games & Tournament - Ginette & Keith

see report

Note: 2 player agreements, G & T Handbook - copy them, and give it to all your coaches, especially new ones. Remember pre-tournament packages must be sent to G & T 3 weeks prior to the event and the post-tournament package, 2 weeks after the event. E-mail address for each team if possible. E-mail your games scores and then it will be verified by statistician and then put on the web page. Put your e-mail address on the bottom of each TRF. Thank you to Keith for his work on the web page.

10.7 Vice-Chairman - Doug

Promotion fund - pls send receipts to verify expenses and copy of the advertising, along with your letter, other people could use for reference when making their decision.

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September 2001


11. New Business:

AGM 2002 - to hold it on April 18th or April 25th. Vote taken, the AGM 2002 will be held on Thursday, April 18th at 7:30 p.m. Refreshments will be served, and dessert/fruit.

Remember Elora/Fergus, Exeter, and London must pay their outstanding account before the next meeting of November 15th or you will be a member in bad standing.

SWIRL meeting is on September 16th for Adult teams.

You remember, at last year's AGM the draw for Eagle Lake was won by Forest. Becky Healey was the recipient. She split the cost with another player from Forest. They had a wonderful time. Thanks to the region. There were 134 campers at this year's camp.

9. Adjournment

Grey/Bruce and Guelph