Thursday, September 12th, 2002 at the Spruce Lodge, Stratford ON


  1. Welcome
  1. Presentations:

2.1 Home Town Sports - software by Jamie Scott

He is willing to come to your association and do a presentation. See brochure.

2.2 Ringette Store - Tanis

Provided party packs for everyone. Will be at the World Ringette Championships in Northlands Agricom, Edmonton in November 25-30, 2002.

2.3 Ringette Nationals 2003 in Waterloo ON - Joe Leapold

Representatives to take back to their associations - fund raising ideas

Lottery - all expense paid trip to the Nationals, tickets for $2 each

Advance Spirit Wear, program sales - ads in the brochure

Win-Win situation for ticket sales. Sponsorship - contacts, let them know. Numerous volunteers will be needed.

  1. Awards:

Regionals 2002 prizes given to the Guelph Rep

St Thomas Association celebrating their 25th Anniversary

Karen presented award to Michelle Community Buildier , Exeter - Huron Perth

Provincial Hosts - London AA host, Stratford A host

Provincial Association - Stratford

Provincial Official of the Year - Sue Blacklock

Adult Provincial Award - Helen Rivest

  1. Membership Services - Ken

See Report - please note deadline dates. All WORL Petite teams will be classified as ‘A’ level this year.

  1. Officiating - Jeff

See Report - Clinics both official and coaching rule change year. Refresher Clinic $40 and New $55. All coaches or assistants must attend the coaching rule clinic or the head coach shall be removed and a fine levied as per ORA Manual.

  1. Minutes of March 7th, 2002

Motion to accept as printed, Chatham/St Clements, carried

  1. Business Arising from the Minutes - none
  1. Chairman’s Report - Mary

Ringette Canada - Special Projects Fund. Trillium Foundation Grant - Jack Reynolds to come to our next general meeting to explain the process.

Survey for age group of 16-24. Belle and Open Teams to fill out this survey. There is one for every player. Please send to Mary before November 1st, 2002.

Tillium funded B & C teams for the shot clocks. Region will purchase one extension cord per set. Mary signed lease agreement. Be careful with them, we (Western Region Executive) are responsible for them. We will need A League and Tournaments schedules. Shot Clocks will be used Tween AA - Open, and Junior and Belle A. Luc will co-ordinate. This will be a trial year and we will try it this way for the 2002-2003 season. Last years league schedules and tournaments schedule - send them to Mary before October 1st deadline (all age groups and levels).

Volunteer screening program next season possibly. Sherrie Markle is the Director for Eagle Lake 2002/03. London is hosting the Provincial A Championships 2003.

  1. Treasurer’s Report - Jeanette

See Report.

Motion to accept Woolwich/Guelph, carried

  1. Co-ordinator Reports continued:

Coaching - Mike O’Grady

REMINDER: All bench staff must be qualified before January 8th, 2003. If you continue to coach unqualified after January 8th, there will be a fine of $50 levied for every game he or she is on the bench. Coaches or assistant coaches (either or) must attend a Rule Change Clinic. Code of Conduct forms to be sent in with your TRF.

Games and Tournaments - Ginette

REMINDER: The deadline for your copies of TRF’s is November 14th. E-mail addresses are needed (one per bench staff) would be great. Please write it on the bottom of your TRF’s. G & T Handbook distribution for coaches.

Athlete Development - Karen

See Report. Athlete reps needed in each association. Ringette for Life, posters and flyers distributed.

Elite Development - Luc

See Report. Hosts needed for a weekend for Team Ontario.

A/AA League - Luc

See Report. Please note deadlines, next meeting. One rep from each team is needed.

1st Vice-Chairman - Doug

Shot Clocks as per discussion. Reminder about our Promotional monies that maybe available. We will not pay for ice. Advertising we will cover with receipts, and a copy of the advertisement.

  1. New Business:

Forms - summer activities, camps, etc. please fill them out.

  1. Announcements: London Ringette Tournament, November 15-17, 2002 at the Western Fair Arena.
  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn Elora-Fergus and St Marys, carried