at Spruce Lodge, Stratford ON

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Absent: Goderich, Guelph, Kitchener, Talbot Trail & Tara

1.0 Welcome

2.0 Introduction of the Western Region AAA Team & Bench Staff

Thank you expressed to associations for their support.

3.0 Roll Call

4.0 Minutes of the April 27th, 2005 Annual General Meeting

Motion #1 to accept the minutes. Chatham/Exeter, passed

5.0 Business Arising from the Minutes


6.0 Co-ordinator Reports

6.1 Coaching - Kate

See report. The Region hosted 5 CSI Clinics in the 2005-2006 season. Mike Genereux is completing requirements to facilitate the CI clinic(s). Thank you to Keith & Mary checking credentials of all our active coaches. We are looking for at least 2 participants who would be interested in becoming facilitators for the CSI & CI course. They are looking at two new components, CO - Community Ongoing and CD - Community Development. Discussion

6.2 Regionals - Keith

No report. Very successful Regionals 2006. Thank you to all who volunteered their time. Executive members, thank you for their long hours of work. In the process of assessing volunteer hours.

6.3 G & T - Janet

See report. Note: Thursday, May 11th at the Dorchester Senior Centre at 7:00 p.m. to meet with a representative from each association that is hosting a tournament. B & C Leagues - Junior & Belle teams. Seeding levels - each region decides on their own. Contact other regions for teams to fill for tournaments.


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Annual General Meeting

April 27, 2006

6.4 Elite - Mary

See report. A/AA WORL League ran very well this year. Shot clocks are available for tournaments. Shot clocks - Regionals 2006, we had problems filling our volunteer compliment for minor officials (time & score keepers). Should offer it next year, it would be a paid position, and certain requirements are needed. To reserve a shot clock, see the web site.

6.5 Membership services - Ken

See report. Change...Region will be electronically tracking the 2006-2007 player tryout activity across the region. Closest association matrix for the region. Region information - declare level of play. Spring tryouts...flavour for the players in your home association...or for extra ice time. Reminder of Volunteer Recognition. Tryout forms, player release....who signs. Discussed at the standing committee meetings....proposed changes, waiting for approval. Recruitment discussion. Tryout information to be given to region. Info to players as to where tryouts are being held to tryout in closest association....communication needed with parents....both associations need to be in constant communication through the process. Important to remember not to building teams but to help the player improve....best for the sport. Ken retiring from his position....thank you Ken.

6.6 Officiating - Marc & Tania

No report. Training of referees and coaches...in turn teach the girls. It is the responsibility of each individual official to register with ORA. Fines will be assessed. Referee n' Chief from each association is needed....we will try to meet before September. Agreed upon set fees. They will schedule all A/AA Officials for the region. Three months in advance - except or decline your assignment - will give you more exposure....deadlines will be adhered to. Goal to raise the bar on the level of our existing referees. The officials have to take it upon themselves to go out to improve.

6.7 Adult Development - Sheri

See report. 30 Adult teams this past season. Unfortunately, unable to have Challenge Cup this year. Challenge Cup 2007 - 2nd weekend in April....forward your intent. Chicks with Sticks 2006 - November 3rd, 2006 - Western Region encouraged to join in....host?? Adult Seeding...evaluation of your team. Sheri retiring from her position.....thank you Sheri.

Motion #2 to accept all co-ordinator reports.

SWIRL/Elora-Fergus, passed

7.0 Break

8.0 Treasurer's Report - Jeanette

See Report. Payment Adjustments still need to made.

Motion #3 to accept the treasurer's report as printed.

Dorchester/St Mary's, passed

9.0 New Business - none


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Annual General Meeting

April 27, 2006

10.0 Elections - Mary

2nd Vice-Chair - any nominations from the floor, none - Glen to return as 2nd Vice-Chair

Treasurer's - Jeanette will let her name stand - any nominations from the floor, none. Jeanette to return as Treasurer.

1st Vice-Chair - 1 year term - Kevin Campbell, yes he will let his name stand...nominate Gary Ryan...Craig Griffiths...declined. Closed. Kevin Campbell, Seaforth to hold 1st Vice-Chair position.

Athlete Development, and Membership Services will be open positions....talk to these co-ordinators, they are here to help you. We need you to fill these positions.

11.0 Announcements

World Ringette Championships - November 2007 - Ottawa, London, West Ferris, and Kelowna, BC - announcement should be made any day. Should London be successful - help from the Region to make this a success. Watch the ORA website for the official announcement.


Sheri, Ken & Bill retiring....thank you.....presentations

Encourage attendance at the ORA Annual General Meeting in Ottawa.

Draw for Eagle Lake - Winner - St Mary's and alternative Stratford.

Hanover looking for gym ringette set - Wellington North

12.0 Chair's Report - Chris

See report. Use the sign sheet at the back of the room. My goal is to know each association President. Should you know next year's representative for 2006-2007, please sign.

13.0 Adjournment

Motion #4 to adjourn the AGM

Waterloo/Wellington North, passed