at the Spruce Lodge, Stratford ON

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Regret: Mt Forest, Ripley, and Talbot Trail Rep

1.0 Welcome

2.0 Introduction of the Tween AA Team

3.0 Roll Call

4.0 Minutes of May 2004 Annual General Meeting

Motion #1 - We accept the Mat 2nd, 2004 Annual General Meeting

Kitchener/Woolwich, carried

5.0 Business arising from the minutes - none

6.0 Motion #2 - the agenda be accepted as amended

Tillsonburg/Chatham, carried

7.0 Co-ordinator Reports:

Coaching - Kate & Mike

See Report - New CI Clinics A & AA levels, 4 parts

Elite Development - Luc

See Report. For the 2005-2006 season, The RAT team Head Coach, Bill Rodgers, Assistant Coach, Jodi Mitchell, Assistant Coach, RD Branton, Manager, Chuck Belanger. Support our RAT team, ice time - they will need 2 hours of ice, and 1 hour for them to work with your team.

Officiating - Bill

See Report. Rule Change Year - 4 clinics (one for each league)

Clinics to begin late September or early October. Dates and locations will be posted to the web-site.

Membership Services - Ken

See Report. Visit the ORA website to print off the most update tryout/release form. Registrar's workshop at our September meeting.


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Annual General Meeting

April 27, 2005

7.0 Adult Development - Sheri

See Report. New Adult Challenge Cup will be introduced in April 2006 for the levels A, B, C, Rec and Masters. Event will be hosted by Markham for the next 5 years. See Getaway Camp 2005 application form.

Athlete Development - Glen

See Report. Contact Glen re: host skill clinics. Up to $120 grant monies to reimburse one centre from each league.

Games & Tournament - Janet & Keith

See Report. Prelims 'AA' - last week of January. February 17th 'A' Prelims, host Elora-Fergus. Changes to tournament report procedures. Submission of monthly game sheets. Thank you to Tillsonburg hosting Prelims this past season.

Regionals 2005, thank you to everyone who helped, without your help this tournament would not be possible. Economic Impact discussed. Guelph, Elora-Fergus has already indicated they would be willing to host for 2006. Looking at DATA Base for game scores to be entered, both scheduled and exhibition games alike.

1st Vice-Chair - Chris

See Report. Promotional program details are on website of Western Region. Submission from Forest - flyer, Bring-A-Friend.

2nd Vice-Chair - Glen

No Report.

Motion #3 - the Regional Co-ordinator reports be accepted.

London/St Thomas, carried

8.0 Treasurer's Report - Jeanette

See Report.

Motion #4 - the Treasurer's report be accepted as printed.

Guelph/St Clements, carried

9.0 Acting Chair of Athlete Development, Glen - Anyone interested in locating a University Ringette team, contact Karen Hill at karen@quadro.net for contact names.

10.0 Eagle Lake Draw - Tillsonburg alternative Woolwich

11.0 New Business:

1. RAT team, recommendation from the executive. Motion #5 - The Region sponsor the RAT Team for $2000 and the registration fee of one tournament.

Luc/Glen, carried

2. Stratford team, recommendation from the executive. Motion #6 - Region support the Stratford Tween AA team for their trip to Eastern Tween Championship in the amount of $500. Scott Skinner/London, carried

3. Lindsey Vivian, recommendation from the executive. Motion #7 - the Region support Lindsey Vivian in the amount of $250 for her trip to the Nationals 2005. Chatham/London, carried


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Annual General Meeting

April 27, 2005

4. Agnes Jacks, recommendation from the executive. Motion #8 - the Region donate $500 to the Agnes Jacks' Scholarship Fund in memory of Agnes Jacks. Elora-Fergus/St Thomas, carried

5. Boys in Ringette, motion by London/Dorchester - males competing at the Regionals. Discussion. Call to vote. Motion defeated.

6. Overage players process, older players dropping back to play at lower level....League involvement very important.

7. Mike Guiler, London - questions....where to get answers.

12.0 Report on Education, Talent Identification, Recruitment and Skill Development.

13.0 Elections:

Chairperson - Chris Beuglet

1st Vice-Chair - TBA

Secretary - Wendy Allen

14.0 Announcements:

AGM of Ontario Ringette to be held May 27-29, 2005 in Toronto

15.0 Chairman's Report - Mary

See Report.

16.0 Presentation to Luc....many thanks

Position Openings: Athlete Co-ordinator, Elite Development & A League Co-ordinator and 1st Vice-Chair

17.0 London Camp - still has openings

18.0 Adjournment

Motion #9 - Motion to adjourn the Western Region 2005 Annual General Meeting.

Secretary - Wendy


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September 15, 2005