Spruce Lodge, Stratford

Thursday, March 7th, 2002

1. Welcome

2. Roll Call - absent Mt Forest, St Thomas, Tara, Wiarton

3. Minutes of January 17th, 2002 meeting

Motion to accept - Tillsonburg/Guelph, carried

4. Business arising from the minutes - none

5. Chairman's Report

  1. Final Provincial AA standings: Talbot Trail, Petite AA - Bronze, Waterloo Belle AA - silver and Kitchener Junior AA - silver
  2. Recognition Award nominations are due to the ORA by April 1st
  3. Regionals 2002 will be held March 22-24, 2002 in Kitchener/Waterloo
  4. The Winter Games 2002 will be hosted at Hespler Arena - see web site
  5. Shot Clocks - through a Trillium Foundation Grant the region will get 6 sets. They are made by Harris Clock Company. Rent or loan to be used for tournaments, 'A' League, Junior, and Belle division, B & C division.
  6. Ginette - any issues directed to Games and Tournament please forward to Keith due to personal issues at home

6. Treasurer's Report - Jeanette

see report

Motion to accept - St Clements/Meaford, carried

7. Motion to send flowers/plant or fruit basket to Ginette on behalf of the Region.

Elora/Fergus/seconded by everyone, carried

8. Co-ordinator's Reports:

8.1 Coaching - Betty Ann

No problems this year for coaching with qualifications for the AA divisions. Hopefully no problems will arise with the A divisions. Some clinics are in the process of being set-up for the 2002-2003 season. Please fax your 'A' Provincial Coaching Conduct Form to (519) 899-4279

Special thank you to Chatham, they did a great job.

8.2 Adult - Mary

Adult Provincials are April 11-13 in Markham at the Ice Park

8.3 Games and Tournament - Ginette/Keith

Regional schedule 1 per association, posted to net last night. Novice C Talbot Trail Champions - unknown, Petite C Talbot Trail champions - unknown and Huron/Perth Belle - unknown. Registration will be at the Rom Park on University Avenue East. Take door prizes there, pick-up you information packages. Waterloo-Rim Park - Ginette/Keith/Mary, Moses Springer - Wendy/Jeanette, Lions - , Waterloo Rec - , Kitchener Auditorium - Kinsmen & Kiwanis - Chatham Association

Costs will be $175 for bunny teams, $425 for minor teams and $475 for Adult teams, if needed. The executive has made a motion to increase fees up to $25 per team except


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March 7, 2002

Region General Meeting

bunny for this year, if needed. Waterloo association is looking after the minor officials.

Prelims - great job by Chatham as host. The officiating was great. A host is needed for next years Prelim's, please submit before July 1st.

Regionals 2003 and 2004 will be in Waterloo.

We were unsuccessful to create a position for the 'A's in the Regionals.

8.4 Officiating - Jeff

Send names of your referees. Remember, that after attending a Level 2/3 clinic you must receive 2 evaluations, which will entitle you to attend the refresher course next year. If the evaluations have not been completed, you must attend the clinic again. The '0' tolerance will be posted at all arenas for the Regionals.

8.5 Membership Services

Remember the Award Recognition due by April 1st.

8.6 Sport Development - Karen

Female only, High School Ringette tournament, March 27th. St Mike's, Stratford will be hosting. See report. Eagle Lake registration.

8.7 2nd Vice-Chairperson - Chris - none

1st Vice-Chairperson - Doug - absent

Cheque presented to St Mary's Ringette from promotion funds.

8.8 Elite and 'A' League- Luc

Policy Manual distributed. Western Region A/AA Constitution and By-Laws. Next season the 'A' will have a full season from October - March with finals. WORL policy manual take back to your association and we will discuss it at the Annual General Meeting. The Constitution will be voted on at the first meeting of the League.

9. New Business:

  1. AGM for Western Region will be on Thursday, April 18th at 7:30 here in Stratford at the Spruce Lodge.
  2. At the AGM the positions up for election are the 2nd Vice-Chair, Treasurer and of course all Co-ordinator positions. We are always looking for assistants to the Co-ordinator positions. Adult Development and Membership Services positions have been empty for this past season. Send nominations to Mary before the AGM.

10. Announcements:

Correspondence - re: Huron/Perth Belle coach

Motion - League Championship is the responsibility of the league. Refer matter back to the league. They have the right to appeal to the Region.

Goderich/Forest, carried

11. Adjournment

Grey/Bruce and Meaford