at the Spruce Lodge in Stratford ON

Thursday, March 9, 2006

Regrets: Ken, Glen, Exeter, Forest, Goderich, Guelph, Huron Perth League, St Marys, St Thomas, Talbot trail League, Tara, Tillsonburg,

1.0 Welcome

2.0 Roll Call

3.0 Minutes of the last meeting, January 19th, 2006

Motion to accept minutes as printed. Elite Development/St Clements, passed

4.0 Treasurer's Report - Jeanette

Motion to accept report as printed. Owen Sound/Woolwich, passed

5.0 Co-ordinators Reports:

5.1 Coaching - Kate

No report - B & C qualifications needed

5.2 Adult Development - Sheri

See written report - Open 'A' Provincials 2006 - Waterloo and London

Standing Committee Meeting in April

My two year term is drawing to a close - let me know your interest for my position.

5.3 Athlete Development - Tina

See written report - Player of the Year and Athlete Performance Awards are due by April 1st. Submit to either Region Chair/Membership Services co-ordinator.

5.4 Elite Development - Mary

See written report - Congratulations to the AA teams from Western Region. The AAA team is now playing at the Ontario winter Games.

5.5 Membership Services - Ken

No report - Volunteer Recognition Awards - form is on the website - fill out and submit. We need your input. Open to suggestion, what areas of importance. For example the releases. Player try out portion as well....deadline for submissions will be before April Standing Committee Mtg


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General Meeting

March 9, 2006

5.6 Officiating - Marc Brisson/Tania Pettitt

Bill Kaiser has resigned from the Officiating position. Tania Pettitt will focus on the A's and Standing Committee meetings. Marc will focus on the B & C teams....Laurie Grant. We need officials for the Regional Tournament. Southern and Central Regions both having tournaments that weekend as well. Sign-up will be available on the Region web site.

5.7 G & T - Janet

See written report. Not mentioned in report - we are looking for hosts for the A & AA prelims 2007. AA Provincials 2007 - Napean....A Provincials 2007 - Chatham. ORA will be looking for 2008 hosts if anyone is interested, please submit.

5.8 Regionals 2006 Tournament - Keith

Schedule will be posted on the web site tonight and also the volunteer schedule for your submission. One hard copy of the schedule was made for each association. This document is a DRAFT still subject to change(s). If no changes this will be the final schedule. Stay tuned to the Western Region web site. Remember your gift for the gift table from each team in your association. Bunny games will be 50 minutes in length. Officials are still needed in order to make this event happen. There will be an Executive person in each arena. Western Region code of conduct will be in effect. Programs will be available, prize table, and LOONIE sticks. Register your team on the Thursday night if possible...you must be registered before your first game.

Motion to accept all the co-ordinator reports. Mitchell/Wellington North, passed

6.0 Vice Chair - Glen

No report.

7.0 Chair Report - Chris

Report coming... Proposing Justplay be implemented in Western Region. Take this back to your association to discuss and report back at the AGM.

Western Region AGM will be held tentatively on Thursday, April 27th - subject to availability of the room....will check with Kate

WORL meeting - appeals were heard

Provincial changes.....comments and recommendations in writing to Chris

Ontario Ringette Association AGM, May 26-28 - Ottawa....provincial format - bunny teams - petite teams

Elections at our AGM meeting - First Vice - position still open

All co-ordinators positions are open.

Program for the Regionals - Kevin Knight is looking for advertising opportunities - see the blue flyer on the back table.

Thanks to Waterloo at the Provincials.

8. New Business/Announcements

2010 Olympics in Whistle, BC.....rumour of ringette being an Olympic sport


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Western Region

March 9, 2006

9.0 Next Meeting - AGM, April 27, 2006 here at the Spruce Lodge

10.0 Adjournment

Motion to adjourn. Dorchester/Grey Bruce, passed