Thursday, March 9th, 2000

Spruce Lodge, Stratford

  1. Welcome

  2. Roll Call - absent, Meaford, Tara and Walkerton

  3. Minutes of January 20th, 2000

Motion to accept Woolwich/Mount Forest, carried

  1. Business arising from the minutes

Huron-Perth - brochure National Skill Training Program - maybe send two (2) representatives from each association to attend - use promotion monies - please submit in writing to the region executive

  1. Treasurer Report - Jeanette

See Statement - invoice will be sent out to each association re: officials clinic deficit

  1. Co-ordinator Reports:

6.1 Adult Development - no report

6.2 Coaching - no report

6.3 Membership - no report

6.4 Officiating - Jeff

70 referees have signed up to date - a great response - thanks for responding, it was greatly appreciated

6.5 Games and Tournament - Ginette

Schedules - handed out for Regional 2000

Scorekeepers/Timekeepers are still needed for the tournament, please call Ginette with any interested participants

Costs for Regional 2000 are as follows:

Intermediate $450

Bunnies $175

Regional teams $425

Please register at the Auditorium Complex in Kitchener on Thursday night between 7:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. if possible (local teams). You must register before the 1st game.

When hosting an arena, can you do fund-raising at that arena - no food to be sold, Brown's Foods is the sole provider for the concession stands.

Forest Don McLaren

Woolwich Albert McCormick

Kitchener Tween AA Wilson

Waterloo Moses Springer

Huron-Perth Grand River

London Lions

Chatham Queensmount

Executive Waterloo Rec Centre

Connor box will be prepared for you, rooms keys given, ask for car keys, give game sheets, call in final score of each game, list of referees, get their signature, money will be in envelopes for the time/score keepers and referees - DO NOT LEAVE TABLE UNATTENDED!! The western region executive and co-ordinators will be travelling around from arena to arena to problem solve, etc.


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Western Region General Meeting

Thursday, March 9th, 2000

WORL League: try to structure it a bit more seeding meetings are tough to schedule.

Prelims results: Chatham (Tween) and Elora (wild card), Guelph - Junior

2 team player rule - wording to be analyzed at the Games and Tournament meeting in April - letter read from Huron-Perth offering suggestions to improve upon this rule. Ginette to take to this meeting.

  1. Vice-Chairman 1st and 2nd - no report

  2. Chairperson

8.1 Keith made web site business card size for everyone

8.2 AGM 200 of the Ontario Ringette Association will be held May 26th - 28th, 2000 in Sudbury

8.3 Canada Winter Games 2003 - Coaching Staff, send in your letter of application

8.4 membership notice - voting verification - must be in good standing

8.5 provincials nominations due by April 1st

8.6 region nominations due now - write as much as you can on each nominated person detailed resume included

8.7 Eagle Lake Camp August 27th - September 2nd

8.8 ORA Provincial Volunteer nomination/appointment due to ORA office 15 days prior to the Annual General Meeting

8.9 Chatham hosting prelims thank you - good ringette

8.10 Annual General Meeting for Western Region is Thursday, May 11th (evening meeting)

8.11 nomination for Director at large (ORA)

8.12 treasurer, 2nd vice and all co-ordinators or assistants

8.13 Policy & By-Laws, any suggestion go to this document on the web and send in to Ginette by April 1st

8.14 519 - 579-7096 Ginette fax number

  1. Announcements:

Waterloo Ringette School - see brochure - 3rd Annual (ages 6-12)

Waterloo Ringette Power Skating - see brochure - need association contact names - call Roseanne Toronchuk and ask for __# of brochures and she will send you them with a stamped addressed envelope

London Ringette Camp - August 21st - 25th - see John Hunt for package

Keith will update the web site with the Winter Game Results