at the Spruce Lodge in Stratford

Thursday, January 20th, 2005


1. Welcome

2. Roll Call

3. Minutes of November meeting. Moved by Woolwich, Seconded Exeter. Passed.

4. No business arising from Minutes.

5. Treasurer's Report - Jeanette Saint

see attached.

Moved by Talbot Trail, Seconded St. Thomas. Passed.

6. Co-Ordinator's Reports

see attached.

  1. Athlete Development Co-Ordinator has resigned. Unfortunately she had too many obligations other than co-ordinator job and felt she did not have enough time to do it properly. Glen Deveaux is taking over temporarily.

  2. Athlete Development report - See attached (omit last para)

  3. Adult Development - no report

Intent to Proceed to Adult Provincial are due to her.

  1. G&T second report - Preliminary draft schedule has been distributed. Will be on website. Tournament Accommodations people are still causing problems. Email which they have sent to associations is not correct. They do not represent our organization for Regionals - ASA is still our booking sponsor and should be used.

  2. Officiating Report - only 10 officials for Regionals - mostly of junior calibre. Need more officials for Regionals.


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General Meeting

January 20th, 2005

  1. Coaching Report - credentials are being checked for bench staff. Check ORA database to update coaches. If not on database, need to update. Complaints concerning ORA database were voiced. ORA is working on improving database which is getting better.

  1. Membership Services - Ken

see report

Arena Audits not submitted by the deadline of January 31st, 2005 will be submit to a $25 fine per arena facility.

  1. Elite Development - Luc

see report

  1. First Vice-Chair - Chris Beuglet

no report

Moved by Exeter, Seconded by Seaforth. Passed

7.0 Chair Report

  1. ORA is to receive monies from Ministry. Must be earmarked as Ministry directs. $500.00 for Regional tournament ice costs. Certain other allocations not definite as yet.
  2. forms were handed out to associations which must be completed for grant money for camps, clinics, power skating, etc.
  3. Councillors are needed for Eagle Lake. On ORA Website.

  1. NOTE: March meeting has been changed to Thursday, March 3rd . This meeting was previously scheduled for March 24th and conflicts with Regionals 2005.

8.0 New Business from the floor

  1. Next year, Tween Provincials may be the same as Petite. If you have concerns, put them in writing and deliver by FAX, email, etc. to Janet to take to Standing Committee Meeting by March 31, 2005.

  2. Discussion regarding A and AA teams.

  1. Volunteer for Regionals schedule will be posted on net.


Motion to Adjourn. Seaforth. Second Exeter. Passed

REMINDER: Our next meeting will be held on March 3rd, 2005 at the Spruce Lodge

Secretary - Jeanette Saint in Wendy Allen absence

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25 February 2005