Thursday, January 20th, 2000

Stratford ON

  1. Welcome

  2. Minutes of November, 1999 meeting

10.3 Huron/Perth not Stratford



  1. Business arising from the minutes


  1. Chairperson
  1. Ice for Regionals
  2. List of referees needed now send your list to miners@quadro.net
  3. Urgent - especially for the Friday availability
  4. Board meeting is the first weekend in February, anything to go, please give to Mary
  5. Canadian Living - good article
  6. Provincial Cost - Petite/Tween/Intermediate $850
  7. Provincial Cost - Junior/Belle/Deb $900

  1. Role Call - absent - Walkerton, St Mary's, Tiverton, Tara, Thornbury, Ripley and St Thomas

Monies were received by Jeanette and Mary for either Regional tournament deposit and/or Provincial tournament

  1. Treasurer's Report - Jeanette

see report

  1. Co-ordinator's Report

7.1 Coaching - Betty Ann

Coaching summary forms are past due (November 15th)

7.2 Adult Development - Sandra/Laura

No report

7.3 Membership Services - Brian

No report - Arena Safety Audit forms are past due

7.4 Officiating - Jeff

Level I Clinics - held 8 clinics

Refresher Clinic - 3

Rules Clinic - 6

Case books not available as yet - possibly next season

Jeff & Jeanette will notify who still owes difference for the cost of attending the clinic

Officials needed for the Regional tournament to Jeff ASAP, Rooms are supplied, approx $15 and $18 per game

7.5 Sport Development - Corey

Absent - no report

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7.6 Elite Development - Doug

North Bay - gold medal won by Western Region (3-2 final) against Eastern Region



Western region page

7.7 Games and Tournament - Ginette

Team listings handouts

Prelims for Junior and Tween teams in Chatham (host)

Volunteer for arenas are needed this year for Regionals 2000 i.e. manager the arena, hand out keys, game sheets, etc.

Score keepers - we will get list from Kitchener - also anyone interested please contact Ginette

If we do not fill the positions in the arenas, we will be forced to designate an association with an arena. Please sign up now!!

Deb and Intermediate try combining - Survey Ringette Canada - in favour

7.8 Vice-President's - Doug/Chris

No report

  1. New Business
  1. Novice teams that are split evenly into two (2) teams when one (1) team slotted at a higher "B" level in a tournament get blown away and the other team being slotted at "C" win handily - can anything be done - to pass a written message on to ORA
  2. Promotion of the RAT team - proposal for the executive and co-ordinators to purchase new RAT jackets. Motion - to the region membership for the subsidy for new jackets - Jeanette/Mr Forest - Discussion - promotion money available - about 12 jackets, approximately $75, maybe a better way for promotion - not quite the same jackets as the team of which $175 per jacket. Executive would pay $50 and the region the rest. Call the question. Motion defeated.
  3. Volunteer Recognition due by next meeting

  1. Adjourn

Mt Forest/Tillsonburg

Next meeting March 9th, 2000

@ the Spruce Lodge