Spruce Lodge in Stratford ON

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Regrets: Goderich, Huron Perth League, Mitchell, St Thomas, Tara, Tillsonburg, Wellington North

1.0 Welcome

2.0 Deposit for Regionals and Provincials and Good Faith Bond, due today!

See Keith at the side table with all your payments.

3.0 Roll Call

4.0 G & T Report - Janet

See report. Tween 'A', discussion.

Seeding meeting followed.

5.0 Minutes of the Last Meeting, November 16th, 2006

Motion to accept the minutes of the last meeting.

Chatham, seconded by Waterloo, carried

6.0 Treasurer's Report - Jeanette

See financial report.

Motion to accept the treasurer's report.

Woolwich, seconded by Stratford, carried

7.0 Co-ordinator Reports:

Adult Development- Kevin Campbell

No report. Announcement - Challenge Cup will be hosted by Waterloo, April 5-8, 2007 in Waterloo. Open Teams A, B, C, and Masters. See Waterloo Ringette Association website for more details. Cost per team $750 for A & B...guaranteed 5 games, $625 for C & Masters....guaranteed 4 games.

Athlete - Peter Westelaken

No report. Request from an individual who is interested in developing a ringette program in Sarnia. Package to be sent to help them to get organized. Look at developing programs in other centres in and around the Essex & Windsor area.


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General Meeting

January 18, 2007

Coaching - Kate Gibson

See report. If you are interested in hosting a CSI or CI clinic for the next seasons, please advise Kate as soon as possible. At this point, we are still in the learning stages. Invitations will be sent out to complete Level II coaches by January 31st in application for the AAA team. Deadline of February 21st to Mary Kaiser. B & C coaches, photocopy all their qualifications and mail to Mary. All qualifying information will be placed in a database as soon as possible. Reports can be generated from this database for the associations.

Elite - Mary Kaiser

See report. Declaration dates for AA teams, June 30 and declaration dates for A teams, August 31. Please take these dates back to your association for discussion and come prepared to vote at our next meeting on March 8th. Discussion. List of your Police checks...send letter to Mary from your association - a list of your people who have had this completed. The Executive will bring a recommendation for the head coach of the AAA team. Resumes sent to the executive for other bench staff positions will be forwarded.

Membership - Check Weber

Player Release Forms must be completed in full and submitted within one week after team has been declared. Fines will be implemented.

Officiating - Tania Pettitt-Tracey

No report.

Regional tournament - Keith Kaiser

See report. Note - Western Region is offering this opportunity on a 60-40 split with percentage of all sponsorship dollars going directly to the association that provides the advertisement. All submissions must be received by March 1st, 2007. Scheduling Championship side 4 teams, slot a wild card spot to keep in balance. Prelims schedule is in the first draft. Tillsonburg is the host. Regionals 2007 - rates are not anticipated to increase, will notify if otherwise. Check the web page for announcements. Hours of volunteer helpers, officiating, minor officials, etc.

7.0 Vice Chair Reports - Kevin Campbell

No report. Remember promotion monies available for this season.

Peter Westelaken

No report.

Motion to accept all co-ordinator reports.

Waterloo, seconded by Dorchester, carried

8.0 Chair Report - Chris Beuglet

See report. Take back information on the declaration dates...we need your input for our next meeting. ORA board meeting February 2-4...provincial championship process. Executive positions for election at the AGM, Chair and Secretary.

9.0 Guelph Tournament January 26-28th

Waterloo Tournament this coming weekend.


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General Meeting

January 18, 2007

10.0 NEXT MEETING is Thursday, MARCH 8th at the Spruce Lodge.

Motion to adjourn

St Clements, seconded by Kitchener, carried


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February 26, 2007