at the Spruce Lodge, Stratford ON

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Regrets: Ken Rowe, and Sheri Markle

1.0 Welcome

2.0 Justplay Presentation by Leah Keracher

3.0 Roll Call

4.0 Minutes of November 17, 2005

6.5 should be The Coach or Assistant Coach.....

Motion to accept the minutes as amended. Chatham/Woolwich. Passed

5.0 Business Arising from the Business


6.0 Treasurer's report - Jeanette

See report.

Motion to accept the Treasurer's Report

Tillsonburg/St Thomas. Passed

7.0 Co-ordinator Reports:

7.1 G & T - Janet

see report. 4 teams named to the 'AA' grouping: Waterloo, St Mary's, Forest and Chatham.

6 'A' teams: Dorchester, Elora-Fergus, St Clements, Exeter, Tillsonburg and Guelph - Prelims will be held in Elora-Fergus, February 17-19. Pre-tournament packages except for a few extensions - association are .meeting deadlines. Scoring matrices being submitted by the 5-day deadline. The number of tournaments in the Region....concerns. Questions.

7.2 Athlete Development - Tina

See report. Player of the Year and Athlete Performance awards are due by April 1st, 2006. Now have a UWO contact to start intramural ringette this summer. Keely Brown Clinic was very successful.

7.3 Adult Development - Sheri

Report coming.


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Western Region General Meeting

January 19th, 2006

7.3 Elite - Mary

see report. Bond cheques....associations Guelph, Hanover, Ripley, Tara owing Regional AAA team placed third in Timmins at the Challenge Cup.

7.4 Coaching - Kate

See report. Competition Introduction ethical Decision Making On-line evaluation...on-line portion to be completed by February 15, 2006 deadline. Please send documentation from B & C teams to Mary Kaiser for coaching certification. Certification can be printed from website and send to Mary. Expiration of your First Aid Certificate.

7.5 Membership - Ken

See report. Volunteer Recognition time....submission deadline of April 1st, 2006

7.6 Officiating - Bill

See report. Officials (60) needed for the Regionals in Guelph - information posted on the website

7.7 2nd Vice-President - Glen

No report. Kelley Brown clinic very successful. Shooting clinic successful as well.

Motion to accept the co-ordinators report.

St Thomas/Waterloo. Passed.

8.0 Chairperson - Chris

No report. Owen Sound - the birthplace of ringette signs. Agnes Jack pins can be ordered on-line on the ORA website. Sign unveiled at the North Bay tournament. Executive to look at policies...revisions. Petite Provincial seeding at the Whitby tournament.

9.0 New Business

Seaforth - 1 Petite needed to complete tournament roster

Thank you to all Association....first time all monies have been received...schedules will begin for Regionals 2006


Tillsonburg/St Thomas. passed

Secretary - Wendy


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March 19, 2006