Western Region Games and Tournaments

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Western Region Penalty Reporting

Report all Major or Fully Served Penalties

  1. All teams are required to report any major or fully served penalties to G&T within 24 hours.
    • All penalties code 14 & higher
    • This is both the offending and non-offending team
  2. All reports are to be submitted via webform
  3. All reports by the offending team must include a copy of the game sheet
    • The copy must be a single image, in PDF or JPEG format
    • The copy quality must be clear enough to read the officiating comments on the game sheet. Most cell phones will take a good enough picture for this, but CHECK it first!
  4. The non-offending team is not required to submit a copy of the game sheet but may be asked to provide one if the offending team's copy is simply not legible (usually when the scorekeeper does not use a proper pen)
Simple? Yep! While the head coach is responsible for making sure this is done, this is a great job to delegate to a parentJ.

Why do we track penalties?

  1. To look at initiatives that can make our game safer. This may include sharing statistics (but not player information) with Officiating or any other committee.
  2. To be able to track the success of initiatives.
  3. To be able to provide feedback to an association if a player or team's behaviour appears to be escalating.