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FAQ: Suspensions & Suspension Reporting

Has your team had a player or coach ejected from a game or otherwise now under suspension?

It is important that this is reported to G&T within 24 hours or BEFORE your next game if your next game is in less than 24 hours.

What causes a suspension?

Any of the following:

1. A player receiving a fully served 4 minute penalty that is not fully served in regulation or overtime.

a. Note that this includes when a game is curfewed.

2. A player or coach receiving a code 15 (Misconduct) or code 18 (Match) penalty.

a. Note that a bench staff member asked to leave the bench is a Misconduct penalty even if missed on the game sheet.

3. A player receiving a total of 10 minutes in penalties in a game (overtime included).

4. The head coach of a team receiving 30 or more minutes of penalties in a regulation time (overtime not included)

5. All suspensions except code 18 (Match) are considered equivalent to Misconduct, with a minor variation on serving for the Last 4 Minutes penalty/suspension.

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How to report:

A phone call is required for ALL suspensions. This must be within 24 hours, or before the player or coach's next game (with the same or any other team) if less than 24 hours.

The phone call should come from the Head Coach. If the Head Coach is unable to make the call, a delegated member of the bench staff should. Suspension calls will not be entertained from players or parents.

Phone numbers of the current G&T coordinators can be found on the executive list at www.wrra.ca . A copy of the game sheet will be required - this can be sent by email to gtwrra@wrra.ca along with any pertinent information (person who will be suspended, ref comments etc)

In addition, the penalty must be reported as a Major Penalty, and a copy of the game sheet sent to G&T (PDF or JPG only). Please include your team name and the penalty type in the subject line.

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What if I can't reach anyone?

Send an email, send a text, leave a message. Ensure that you have made the EFFORT. G&T Coordinators tend to be involved in our sport - coaches, players, referees, and occasionally you may not be able to reach them.

Since ALL suspensions are for at least one game, sit the next game and make sure it is recorded on the game sheet. Make sure you have clearance from G&T before you go back to regular participation.

If evidence of an EFFORT is not present, the suspension will be considered as not reported, and sanctions may be applied accordingly.

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What will happen?

G&T will explain the suspension process and the rules which must be followed. These rules are also available in the G&T Operating Manual on the RO website.

G&T and/or the Region will not reduce the number of games of the suspension.

G&T and/or the Region may review the suspension at any time, without notice.

G&T, the region, your league, or your association may add additional games to the suspension. Additional suspensions are "effective immediately" even if the original suspension(s) are already served and the player or coach is "back on the ice".

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What happens if I don't report a suspension?

Failure to report a suspension puts everyone at risk.

First you now have an illegal player or coach. This will cost the team a forfeit, a fine, and additional suspensions for the illegal player or coach. In addition, the bench staff responsible for allowing the illegal player or coach on the bench, and the association will most likely be sanctioned.

Second, an illegal player or coach can invalidate the insurance coverage for the game. You are putting your entire team, your opponents, and the officials all at risk.

Simply put, it's just not worth it. Report it.

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What can I do while under suspension?

Not a lot. While a player or coach is under suspension, they may NOT participate and ANY ringette activities. This includes practices, dryland, volunteering, officiating, and working as a minor official.

There is ONE exception to this, which is for the 4 minute major not fully served. For this type of suspension ONLY, the player is only suspended from their next game. They are permitted to participate in all other activities.*

A player may attend a game, but must remain in the stands or public areas of the arena. They are not permitted in the players area (change rooms & access halls) or on the bench, before or after the game.

A coach is not permitted in the playing area of the arena (including the stands) nor in the players area (change rooms & access halls) . They may observe the game from outside of the playing area only. This applies before and after the game. The G&T coordinator can advise where a coach is allowed at any specific arena.

The suspension is considered served when, after the end of the game, the players have exited the player’s area of the arena.

Remember that allowing a suspended player or coach to watch the game per the above is a courtesy. If there is any negative behaviour, the player or coach can be ejected from the building.

Refusal to follow these guidelines may result in additional sanctions (including additional suspensions).

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How many games am I suspended for?

A misconduct penalty is a minimum of a 1 game suspension.

A match penalty is a minimum of a 2 game suspension (3 is assessed after the end of the game). Match penalties are assessed on a sliding scale based on the number of previous match penalties.

If you are a coach, there is a sliding scale depending on past suspensions. Please refer to the RO Operating Manual (G&T section). Note that while this is in the G&T section, this portion of policy is owned by Coaching.

Additional games may be assessed on review by G&T, the Region, your league, your association, or your team..

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How do I report my games served?

For each game served, the player or coach's name must be written in the official comments as "serving suspension x of y" at the beginning of the game. For a player, their name should be included in the team list and crossed off, noting "susp". After the game, a copy of the game sheet must be submitted to G&T as verification of game served.

Please submit all game sheets in PDF or JPG format, and include the team name and nature of the submission in the subject line.

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What if I play or coach or both on more than one team?

Please contact G&T. Suspensions will likely affect your other team(s).

The suspension must always be served with the same team where the suspension was received. (Exception - if received when playing as a substitute, will be assessed on your primary team).

While under suspension, a player is not eligible to play as a substitute.

While under suspension, a player or coach is generally restricted from the equivalent number of games on their secondary team, if applicable prior to the serving of the suspension. Please contact G&T and coaching as applicable for the interpretation for your situation.

Once the suspension has been served, there is no impact to secondary teams.

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Do I have a black mark for the rest of my ringette career?

Yes …and no.

As a coach, your suspension will follow you for a few years. As long as you stay out of "trouble" it will have no further impact and after 5 years of suspension free, it goes away.

As a player, your suspension is tracked for the current season. Unless you have a carry-over, the next season starts with a clean slate. Our hope is that you serve your suspension, and we don't see your name back on the suspension list again.

As a player, for match penalties, if subsequent match penalties are assessed in the same season, the number of games is increased. Details are available in the Games & Tournaments section of the RO Operating Manual.

If you are a coach or player receiving multiple suspensions in a season, or even season after season, it might be time to consider a different type of sport.

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What if I get a suspension at the last game of the season?

All suspensions carry over to the next season a player plays. Contact Western Region's G&T on the rules for tryout participation if applicable.

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Can I appeal a suspension?

1. Yes, almost anything in ringette can be appealed

2. That said, you cannot protest (or generally appeal) the call of an on-ice official

3. And… RO stipulates that "this call" means "that suspension"

4. So… you can still appeal but be aware that only a few times have appeals of this type gone to a hearing.

5. That said… if extra (over and above the standard) suspensions are assessed, you can appeal these on their own or as well.

6. Before you spend a lot of time, energy, and money, on an appeal, consider this… did you deserve the call? Were your subsequent actions sufficient to warrant the extra suspensions? Only you know the answers to those questions.

7. Information on the appeal process is available in the RO operating manual under the administration section. There are very specific deadlines for filing, and there is a cost to file.

8. The RO Executive Director is your point of contact for information on the appeal process. He or she may direct you back to the region if the region is the first point of appeal.

9. G&T will not entertain requests for reversal of a suspension decision. The proper process is to appeal.

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Questions about coaching suspensions? Contact the WRRA Coaching Coordinator.

Questions about player suspensions? Contact the WRRA G&T Coordinators.

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