Wednesday, October 23rd, 2002

Mary's House

Roll Call: Ginette, Luc, Doug, Keith, Ken, Chris, Wendy, Mike & Mary

Absent: Karen, Jeanette, Jeff, and Kate

  1. Welcome - Dinner

  2. The new ORA Binders were distributed.

  3. Shot Clock: 2/50 ft extension cords will be purchased to put in each shot clock set. Waterloo (except Albert McCormick), Elora-Fergus, and Guelph have shot clocks in their arenas at present. The petite level will have 30 second stop, same as the other age groups. The boxes have arrived for the shot clocks.

Discussion re: distribution. Luc suggested 1 clock set per centre e.g. #1 at Dorchester arena so Tillsonburg and London would both have easy access. #2 Chatham, #3 Forest, #4 Stratford/Mitchell, #5 Kitchener, #6 Owen Sound. Who will look after each clock set? Have an area co-ordinator, place calendar on the web so the associations can see when it is booked. Kitchener - Ginette, Dorchester - Mary, Chatham - Janet?, Forest - Betty Ann or use Exeter, Grey-Bruce - Fred ?, Stratford - Luc. The survey should be in the box for people to fill out. The arena's that have shot clocks should fill one out also. Find out which centres have shot clocks already. Talk to Cambridge, maybe borrow if needed. Shot Clock Clinic?? Jeff will cover under Officiating Clinics.

  1. Jack Reynolds will be at our November meeting to talk to us about Trillium Grants. Associations can apply for their own separate grant to purchase a shot clock.

  2. Membership Services

Arena Audit forms and releases are due on November 15th, 2002. Three (3) year or continuous releases - January meeting. Discussion re: movement of players, not necessarily the closest association. Hot issue ie. Nationals 2003

  1. Games & Tournament - Ginette

TRF's due at our November 14th meeting.

  1. Coaching - Mike

Two (2) Level I Clinics have been held. Level II clinic will be held at the end of November in London with Bernie. Level I - November 2nd in Hanover and November 9th in St Clements.

  1. Keith

Congratulations to Agnes Jacks at the West Ferris Tournament on November 2nd weekend. She received the Order of Canada on October 21st. We have had a request from the Ringette Store for the Regionals vs Doug. Hudson Travel, a few complaints. For this years Regionals he may book our rooms.


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Executive Meeting

October 23, 2002

  1. Items due by our November meeting. Copies of the TRF's, 2 Player Agreement forms, Arena Audit forms, Code of Conduct, $200 Good Faith Bond, Releases and 1 E-Mail address per TRF.

  2. ORA Screening Policy:

Discussion - little over kill, to heavy. Coach application and resume is a good point. Police check is good. It may hurt getting good volunteers. Need to revised/condensed.

  1. Movement of Players: Letter received from Karen Hill - Huron-Perth League. Huron-Perth League has approved Kate McDougall a 1st year Open player to move to the Mitchell Belle team.

Motion - Approve movement for the 2002-2003 season. Luc/Doug, carried. Mary to send letter.

Ken has 3 other requests for movement of players. He will send them back for approval from their Leagues. Then he will send (e-mail) for the executives approval.

  1. Adjourn