Elite: November 17, 2005



The AAA team participated in the Challenge Cup in North Bay the weekend of November 4-6. The Challenge Cup went well and presented our team with many challenges. Although the team did not proceed to the final games-only first and second place advanced-the players gave an excellent effort in every game, as did the coaching staff. The Western Region AAA Team finished the competition in 3rd place. Practice ice continues to be needed and the team is hoping for more donations of ice from our member association.

The A/AA League is up and running. We have a total of 15 associations participating this year. Within these 15 associations we have a 34 teams of which 11 are AA with 23 A. This includes all 10 Provincial Petites. This league has proven itself to be beneficial to the competitive teams within Western Region

Details of stats are available on the Western Region WebPages.

Shot Clocks are available for all Associations to use within the Region. These clocks are located throughout the Region. It is mandatory for all A and AA teams to play with shot clocks. These clocks can be requested and reserved through an on-line form on the Western Region Webpage.

Mary Kaiser