April 3, 2008

Out of Region Releases

For purposes of determining the closest association, the associations within the player’s home Region will have priority over associations in another Region regardless of proximity. The Executive of player’s home Region will resolve any disputed situations.” (ORA Policy Manual, Membership Services 8.a.ix.)

Over the past several years, your regional executive and local association volunteers have worked hard to develop the Western Region A/AA League. The results have been excellent. We have a thriving; competitive league offering our elite athletes the opportunity to play at all ages and levels.

In addition to the growth in the number of teams, great efforts have been made to communicate to players concerning all the team opportunities available to them and the try-out process. During the try-out process, athletes are encouraged to try-out for several teams in case they are cut or a team folds.

Though some teams may seem “too far away” to join, it should be recognized that travel is a reality to compete at this level. Players and their parents need to be aware of the following for all Provincial level teams in the Province:

Most of your Provincial ringette experience will be on the road despite where your team is based.

Given the number of opportunities in our region and the need to continue to grow and support our program, Western Region will not approve any out of region releases. Allowing out of region releases reduces the viability of our own A/AA program and denies a player in another region the opportunity to play at the A/AA level. In addition the Western Region will not approve any releases into Western Region from other regions. This would deny their home Region the opportunity to develop their A/AA program and deny a Western Region athlete the opportunity to play at this level.

Chris Beuglet

Chair of Western Region Ringette

H. 519-351-2325 W. 519-658-4330