The following is being issued in response to a question from a local association.

Western Region Position:

Any player that attends Provincial try-outs and is offered a position on either a home association team or on a closest association team must accept that offer to play Provincial Level Ringette for the current season or forfeit their right to request a "level of play" release.  Any player that refuses the offer of a position on a team may not be released from their home association for any level of play for the current season. The player however may play in their home association at any level offered.

For clarity this means that any player refusing to accept an opportunity to play AA ringette may not participate in another associations tryouts or be released for A level ringette during the current season.

This is based upon the current release rules as documented in the ORA Operating Manual, Membership Services section as currently interpreted by ORA. If a player has been offered a position at AA, they are clearly capable of playing at that level.  If they choose not to accept the offer, they cannot pick another team at the A level based on level of play.  Clearly, they were already offered a position based on a level of play they were capable of and rejected that offer.  The wording is such that the player could always play A in their home association.

Please note that this is not a new policy or a change in policy but clarification of existing policy.

Chris Beuglet
Western Region Ringette Association
H 519-351-2325
W 519-658-4330