November 16, 2004-11-16

Report from the Coaching Directorate, Western Region

  1. Four Level I (CSI) coaching clinics have thus far been held in our region:
    1. Clinics in London, Exeter, Stratford, and Hanover
    2. 80 coaches have completed the course thus far
  2. One additional Level I (CSI) clinic is still to occur – this will take place in Guelph in December. An additional 30 coaches are expected to participate in this last clinic.
  3. As usual Western Region will host one Level II Technical II course this year. It is planned for Nov 27-28 in London. At this time 30 coaches are registered for this clinic.
  4. A number of coaches are working through the 3 practice component of their Practical II component to complete their Level II certification.
  5. NCCP coaching passport cards have not been processed from clinics occurring last year. We don’t expect them anytime soon. ORA keeps a database of all attendees at our clinics so rest assured if you attended a coaching clinic in the last 2 years I will have a record of your attendance and completion.
  6. We look forward to reviewing the certification of all bench staff after Jan 8, 2005!

Mike O’Grady and Kate Gibson