Western region coaching report Nov. 2001


Once again our coaching clinics have gone very well. Our hosts this year have done an exceptional job and we thank you very much for all the work you have put into the clinics and helping to make them run smoothly. Waterloo held the level 2 clinic this year with Bernie Cockburn instructing the largest class we have ever had at this level. I have received numerous emails and phone calls from participants telling me how much they enjoyed the clinic. This is great to hear and certainly aids in the promotion of our clinics. Big thank you to the hosts, Stratford, Hanover, St. Thomas & Waterloo. Chatham is also helping out with the overflow from the St. Thomas clinic. We could not do this without you.

One thing we are repeatedly informed about is that many coaches are not receiving the information that is being distributed at the region meetings. Very few had ever seen the Western Region Handbook that was handed out at the first meeting. This handbook contains pertinent information for all coaches. So many questions are answered in this handbook and it would alleviate many of the inquiries the coaches contact us about. Please see that they receive this handbook.

We cannot stress enough that all coaches double check their Team Registration Forms (TRF) very carefully before they sign them. Once these forms are filled out, signed and sent off to head office that is how your bench will stand unless you make changes before the January 8th deadline. Remember if you sign for a bench position and do not meet the qualifications by January 8th and have not made adjustments to your TRF you will not be able to assume another bench position. You will be removed from the bench. This is for all games and not just Regionals or Provincials. Unqualified bench staff will result in fines and/or disqualification of your team. Do not put your team in jeopardy. It is your responsibility to get your qualifications.

Some very useful web sites for you to look at.



Enjoy this great season. You can contact either Kerry or myself anytime for assistance.

Betty Ann Kerrigan kerrigan@xcelco.on.ca Kerry Box kbox@sympatico.ca