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Western Region Adult Ringette Registration 2020/21 Ringette Season

As the 2020/21 ringette season is continuing to progress, we wanted to provide insight on registration options available for Western Region teams with the decision of SWIRL to not register as an association or league for this season.

  1. Connect with your local association
  2. They can assist with registration for the 2020/21 season and provide necessary contract tracing as well.
  3. Register through WRAIA
    1. This is an independent adult association that can complete your TRF registration for the 2020/21 season
    2. Fees for registration
      1. Team Registration $52
      2. Player registration $50
      3. Bench staff registration $37.50
      4. Premium for 18+ Provincial Team Surcharge $105
        • This is to cover an unpaid fines to RO throughout the season (the association is responsible to cover)
  4. Information we need
    1. Team Name
    2. Team Level (AA/A, BB/B, CC/C)
    3. Team lead name and contact information
    4. Closest city centre for the team
    5. Common home ice locations and addresses
    6. Potential interest in game play
  5. Is creating a system to effectively contract trace as needed for ice time
  6. Email Stephanie Smith at for more information on this option.

Potential for Game Play

  • WRAIA is exploring the potential to support in the coordination of game play (formal and/or exhibition play). Please email Stephanie Smith at if you have any interest in this option as we progress through return to play protocol


  • You will be UNABLE to register as an independent player or independent team for the 2020/21 season in order to maintain effective contract tracing
  • Cost
    • Your RO fee is non-refundable (the registration fee covers the RO fee and admin costs for WRAIA to be accredited) however to even scrimmage or host practice ice you need to have paid the RO fee for your insurance costs
  • Registration Deadline
    • This will be flexible this year due to the circumstances, however you need to be registered before stepping on the ice
  • Two team players will not be allowed in the 2020/21 season (this is temporary for this season to accommodate contract tracing requirements)