Western Region 2019/2020 AAA Program

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Development Player Program

This year Western Region has decided to establish a High Performance Development Program to promote the development of players in Western Region who may show an interest and potential to play at the elite level in the future.

The program will offer a select number of players the opportunity to participate in training and development activities with the Western AAA team throughout the season. By giving these players the opportunity to train with our Western AAA team as well as receive instruction from our AAA Coaching staff we hope to invest in the next Western AAA team. Offering players an early exposure to the skills, training and expectations of our AAA program is part of their ringette development towards our high performance program.

The purpose of the program is to promote the development of players with observed potential. Selection as a DP in the current AAA cycle is not a guarantee of selection to a future AAA team or any other team.

Player Selection

To be considered for selection as a Development Player (DP), a player must attend the Western AAA tryouts. DPs must be registered as a player with Ringette Ontario during the AAA season.

Players must have the opportunity to participate in the next AAA program (born 2003 or later).

Players not selected to the Western AAA team have the opportunity to try out for the United AAA team. DPs will be selected from among Western Region players who are not selected to the Western or United teams (or who choose not to try out for United).

Up to 6 DP positions will be offered (3 forwards + 2 defence and 1 goaltender). Selection of the number of DPs is at the discretion of the AAA coaching staff.

Selection will be based on evaluation during the Western AAA tryouts, discussions with past coaches and observation at games when possible. In addition to considering the player's technical skills, the AAA bench staff will be looking for players whose focus, effort and coachability are indicative of a player with the desire and potential to raise their game to the elite level.

Player Expectations

A DP is not a substitute or alternate player. DPs should not expect to play in AAA Challenge Cups or at the Ontario Winter Games, and they should not expect to be "called up" for these events. There may be opportunities to play with the AAA team but that is not guaranteed and is at the discretion of the coaching staff to make that determination.

DPs are provided the opportunity to participate in training and practice activities of the AAA team (some specific team events and practices may be exempt), and it is expected that they will commit to a high level of participation, like the other members of the team.

Player Costs

There may be a small fee to be a DP but this amount has not yet been determined. DPs may wish to participate in the purchase of team wear, or join in team social events, for which there may be a cost.