Western Region
Announcement Page
Announcement Posting Rules

  1. Each request must be for the good of Ringette and come from a Western Region association..
  2. The region does not guarantee that the events posted are sanctioned and authorised ringette events.
  3. The requests must meet normal expectations of the sport and the intent of the web page.
  4. Any questionable requests would need approval from the executive.
  5. Each request must come in a format to be published as a simple written announcement
  6. Each request must include a posting duration (start date and removal date) and must not exceed 3 weeks.
  7. Authority to post rests with the webmaster with appeal to the executive.

Western Region has created this announcement page to be used by Associations as a tool to fill tournaments, clinics, to advertise association and team fundraising events, Ringette Schools, association social events and recognition of special achievements. This space is open to all Associations in Western Region Ringette.

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