Regionals 2018
Waterloo Kitchener and Woolwich March 29 - 31, 2018

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It is our responsibility as adults to set an example to our children. All our players, coaches and officials try their best. They are learning and they are trying to have fun. Verbal abuse of officials, players or coaches is not tolerated in this Region. Any parent who verbally abuses or harasses an official, player or coach will be given one warning to stop. If they continue they will be asked to leave the arena playing area and not to return. If a parent refuses to leave the arena, the game will be called and the team that the parent is from will automatically lose the game. Their conduct will be brought to the attention of their home association and dealt with at a Regional level.


To all players in the sport of Ringette. We all know that our parents and coaches get excited. They do tend to get out of hand at times. However, we must set an example to the adults. Abusive language or harassment of an official, peers on ice or coaches will not be tolerated. We as players, especially older players, must conduct ourselves accordingly to show our younger ringette players what sportsmanship is about. Let's set an example for the adults and coaches!


We know you get excited. We understand that our players, coaches and officials are not perfect. BUT, abusive language and harassment of a player, official or coach will not solve the problem. If you, as an official, are asked to explain a ruling please do so in a polite and courteous manner. If you, as a coach, wish to have a ruling explained please do so in a polite and courteous manner. YOU are setting the example to everyone.