Regionals 2019
Tillsonburg March 29 - 31, 2019

Regional Information
Hotels for Regionals

WRRA Tournament Rules

  1. Western Region Regionals Tournament is sanctioned by the O.R.A. and therefore all O.R.A. rules and Ringette Canada Official Rules will be followed unless otherwise specified.
  2. All members of the coaching staff must sign the game sheets 30 minutes prior to game time.
  3. Teams must be ready to go on the ice TEN MINUTES PRIOR TO THE SCHEDULED GAME TIME for all games. Failure to be on the ice within 5 minutes of notification to begin the game may result in forfeiture of the game.
  4. Three minutes will be allowed for on-ice warm-up for all games. This warm up will start as soon as the Ice resurfacer leaves the ice and it is each team's responsibility to have their players lined up and ready to take the ice. Team cheers will take place within this period. The timekeeper will buzz with 30 seconds left in the warm up, and teams who wish to do a cheer must proceed to their benches and complete their cheers at this time. Non-observance of this rule will result in a delay of game penalty. It is very important that we all do our part to keep the games on schedule.
  5. In the event of injury to a goalie, that player is allowed up to 5 minutes to recuperate from the injury or to leave the ice. If the injured goalkeeper is replaced, that player may not return to the ice until the play has resumed. If an alternate goalkeeper is already dressed, that player must immediately replace the injured goalkeeper - no warm up is allowed. If no alternate goalkeeper is already dressed, an additional 5 minutes is allowed to dress and warm up a replacement goalkeeper. If the goalie receives a major or misconduct penalty a maximum of 5 minutes will be allowed to replace the goalie with an eligible teammate. *Note that if the team elects to continue play without a dressed goalie, that play will resume immediately.
  6. No unsportsmanlike conduct will be tolerated from the spectators or coaches. In the event that there is such conduct, the officials will ask this person to leave the building. If, after 3 minutes the person has not left, a penalty will be assigned to the team associated with the person who is at fault. If the person refuses to leave, the team with unsportsmanlike conduct may forfeit the game.
  7. Please be advised we will be following the ORA tie-breaking formula, this is available for viewing at the registration desks.
  8. Games tied at the end of regulation play will be handled as follows:
    a. Regular Round Robin Play - the game will remain tied with each team receiving one point.
    b. Final Game & any sudden victory semi-final games - sudden victory overtime - A coin toss will decide which team starts with the ring. The game will proceed to sudden victory overtime (successive 15 minute periods with the first goal winning the game).
  9. In the event that the goal spread reaches 7 or greater, the clock will be set to running time. When used running time may only occur in the second period and will commence at any time during that period when there is a seven (7) goal differential. If the goal differential goes below seven (7), then the game will go back to stop time. If a penalty is called during running time, then the clock stops and restarts when play commences. The clock will stop for injuries or if a time out is called and restarts when play commences during running time as amended. If the goal spread is 7 or greater, additional goals will be recorded on the scoresheet but not posted on the scoreboard.
  10. 1With the approval of the Regional G&T Coordinator, all games may be reverted to Zamboni time (50 minute curfew), if the schedule is behind.
  11. With the approval of the Regional G&T Coordinator the flooding of the ice between games may be skipped, if the schedule is behind
  12. Bench staff may not receive medals. Medals may be presented off-ice.
  13. Bench staff members are to walk around to get to their team benches and not walk across the ice surface if the option is available
  14. If minor officials are not available for your game, the home team will be responsible for providing a timekeeper and/or scorekeeper and the visiting team will be responsible for providing a shot clock operator.
  15. While not required in the facilities being used for Regionals, the use of helmets is highly recommended when attending to injured players.
    If a player is injured, the official will indicate to the bench staff to come on the ice to assist the player. Only one member of the bench is to step on the ice unless otherwise specified by the on-ice officials.
    When attending to an injured player, any bench staff speaking to the on-ice officials in a manner not deemed to be sportsmanlike may asked to leave the ice surface or be ejected, and another bench staff member may replace them to attend to the player.
  16. Bench staff members are not recommended to step on the ice without a helmet for shaking hands at the end of a game. Players are encouraged to skate by the opposing bench to shake hands with that bench staff after shaking hands with the opposing players.

Rules Specific to U8 Level of Play

  • All U8 games will curfew to Zamboni time
  • Games will consist of two periods. The first one will be 16 minutes in length and the second one will be 14 minutes in length or can be adjusted according to the time left.
  • There will be 2 minutes of running time, the clock stops, 5 different skaters go on the ice and when the players are set up, the clock recommences.
  • One coach per team is allowed on the ice during play for instructional purposes as per Sport Development recommendation.
  • No touching of the opposition players by the coaches; coaches own players should not be physically moved into position by a coach during playing time; coaches may not impede the on-ice officials.
  • No double shifting unless the number of players available during that game warrants and all players are to be used equally in the case of any double shifting.
  • Goaltenders should be dressed in full gear.
  • All players must rotate through the position at least once.
  • Teams are encouraged to dress two goalies per game.
  • Penalties shall be served by possession of the ring being awarded to the non-penalized team in the normal fashion; however, the penalty time shall be waived, as per Sport Development recommendation.
  • No goals will be posted on the scoreboard.