Western Region Regionals'16 Volunteer Form

Each Association is required to provide volunteer support for Regionals'16. This support consists of either arena coordinators or prize table coordinators. The following is the sign up form for the assignments. Associations are expected to fill 3-hour (approx.) shifts based upon the Matrix below. Associations will supply 2 volunteers for each 3 hour shift. If the association wishes they may break this up further as long as there are a minimum of two volunteers assigned to each shift. (For example you could fill a block with six volunteers each working a one-hour shift).

Volunteer Requirements by Association

Required Reserved
Required Reserved
Required Reserved
Chatham 2 2 Dorchester 3 3 Elora/Fergus 3 2
Forest 3 3 Goderich 3 3 Guelph 3 3
Hanover 1 1 Kitchener 3 3 London 4 4
Mitchell 3 3 Wellington North 1 1 Owen Sound 1 1
Exeter/Seaforth 2 2 St Clements 1 1 St Marys 3 3
St Thomas 2 2Tillsonburg 2 2 Waterloo 3 3
London Open 1 1SWIRL 1 0 Cambridge 1 1

Review the form and check off the boxes for the shifts you wish to fill then submit. As soon as they are received we will try and update the page and put it back on the internet - all spots will be filled in on a first come first choice basis based upon time stamp on the submission. If your spots are gone we will alert you to resubmit. Every year there have been a number of multiple requests for the same spot. As a prize table coordinator you will be responsible for selling tickets at the Western Fair prize table, managing the associated money and tickets. Those on the first shift in the morning will help set up and those in the last shift at night will help tear down. Those on the last shift on Friday will help with the draw and prize redemption.On Sunday Prize Table Coordinators will be responsible for Prize Redemption ntil all prizes are distributed. As an Arena coordinator you will be responsible for game sheets (getting them signed, giving and getting from the timekeepers and distributing back to the teams). Other duties will include Programs and Draw ticket sales, Keeping the score boards up to date, pay out to the Referees and Timekeepers. All of this will be from a central location in each arena and a member of Western Region executive will be stationed at each arena to assist, instruct and act as your trouble shooter. The tasks are not onerous and your support is appreciated.

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Date Start Time End Time Carling Western Fair
Desk 1
Start Time End Time Western Fair
Desk 2
Prize Table
Thu Mar 24 9:00 12:00 Tillsonburg Waterloo 8:30 11:30 Goderich London Open
Thu Mar 24 12:00 15:00 Tillsonburg Forest 11:30 14:30 Forest Forest
Thu Mar 24 15:00 18:00 Goderich Goderich 14:30 17:30 St. Clements Guelph
Thu Mar 24 18:00 21:00 Elora/Fergus London 17:30 20:30 St. Marys Chatham
Fri Mar 25 7:30 10:30 Chatham Waterloo 7:00 10:00 London London
Fri Mar 25 10:30 13:30 Mitchell Kitchener 10:00 13:00 London Dorchester
Fri Mar 25 13:30 16:30 Waterloo Exeter/Seaforth 13:00 16:00 Exeter/Seaforth Dorchester
Fri Mar 25 16:30 19:30 Kitchener Guelph 16:00 19:00 Mitchell Dorchester
Fri Mar 25         19:00 22:00 St. Thomas Cambridge
Sat Mar 26 6:30 9:30   Owen Sound 7:00 10:00 Elora/Fergus St. Marys
Sat Mar 26 9:30 12:30   Hanover 10:00 13:00 Guelph Kitchener
Sat Mar 26 12:30 15:30   Wellington North 13:00 16:00 Mitchell St. Marys
Sat Mar 26 15:30 18:30   St. Thomas 16:00 19:00 Slot 45 Slot 46
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