Western Region Athlete Development Sept 2004 Shelly

1 Athlete Opportunities

There will soon be web links posted on the ORA web page with information regarding how to start up high school, college and university Ringette teams. In addition, later this season each Belle player in the Province will receive an Information package describing ways she can continue to take part in this sport once she has completed her time with her community team.


2 - Athlete Survey

Thank you to all the players who sent in surveys. We received over 500 surveys, many of them received from Western region. The Athlete Development Committee has been reviewing them and have turned the summary of the surveys over to the ORA Board. Many ideas are being looked at.


3 Training statistics

We need to collect from the Membership the number of players involved in any training that has occurred in the Spring, over the Summer or into this Fall. Where they are being trained and what type of training. We would also like to know where camps have been held. Please let this committee know at this meeting or by e mail ASAP.


4 Ringette Store Skills Awards program

A revamped and updated skills award program is now available. This program is being sponsored by the Ringette Store and not Shoppers Drug mart. This skills award program consists of 5 testing stations where players and goalies can test themselves on drills and compare their personal results against the Standards of performance Chart, to earn a Bronze, Silver or Gold Ribbon.


5 The Provincial Instructor Program

This program from the Athlete Development committee is still under construction, but we are looking for potential instructor trainers for the training course.


6 Athlete Development awards

Athlete development introduced a new set of Performance based awards that are described in Membership Services section of the operating manual. Nominations which are due in at the ORA office April 1 of each year, are to be awarded to 3 regional players- one for Offensive Play, one for Defensive Play and one for a Goaltender. There will also be 3 awards given out to 3 Provincial level players in the same 3 categories. Please be on the lookout for potential candidates for these awards throughout this season.